Hey friends! Is anybody still on a sugar high from Halloween?  Our girls were running around silly last Wednesday night so full of sugar!  Adeline loved the lollipops and Maralee just might be my chocolate companion.

Maralee and Adeline, aka Minnie Mouse, Halloween 2012


Maralee loves the glider on our back deck!

Adeline was not loving her ears

And she insisted on wearing her flower shoes :)

This year, Halloween was super laid-back for us and I loved it!  As I mentioned in my Five Minute Friday post last week, Raleigh was out of town for work and wasn't going to get back in until later in the evening.  So, the girls and I walked around in my parents neighborhood to trick-or-treat.  I think my parents had just as much fun as the girls!

Maralee wanted to eat her candy...not pose for a picture!

Happy Again (notice the candy stains already on her face?!)

Trick or treat!!!

As temperamental as two year-olds can be, I love my girls so much more than candy!!!!

After we loaded up on candy, we headed over to Nan Nan's for supper.  Raleigh was home by that point so we all just sat around and talked (and ate of course!).

Maralee, Gabby, Adeline, Pops

Those girls love their daddy! 

I think he's pretty special too :)

One of my biggest goals since moving to Dothan is to live life simplified.  If I take on more than I can handle, I get myself all worked up and special events tend to not be as special.  When Raleigh first told me he was going to be out of town on Halloween, I was naturally a little bummed but then I just said "oh, well."  On Halloween morning, as we raced to get dressed in our costumes before school and Adeline would only wear her silver shoes instead of the pink ones that matched her outfit, I just said "oh well." Sometimes, saying "oh well" is so much easier than arguing or getting upset, you know?  And, I'm so glad that I'm learning this lesson because Halloween was that much more fun!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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