There is no greater accomplishment than living a life fulfilled.


Eighty years have gone by in my grandfather's life.  Watching him blow out his birthday candles, I sense his inner-boy joy emerging.  His memories are so tender these days; yet as family and friends gather round him he lights up with stories lived over his lifespan.  I watch, grateful to hug his neck and celebrate this milestone with him.


College might not have taught him if the tassle should hang on the right or the left, but college did grow my baby brother into a young man. 


He left home and grew in stature, wisdom, and strength over his college years.  On graduation day, he has no regrets.  He has a hope and a future.  I watch, proud big sister and celebrate this milestone with him.


Living a life fulfilled is about taking chances.  It's beating the odds and choosing to be remarkable.  Accomplishing our purpose in life takes guts, perseverance, and trust.  Living is about learning from our mistakes and choosing humility over pride.


Watching my grandfather blow out his birthday candles on his 80th cake and my brother shake hands with the chancellor to receive his diploma; I'm reminded that life is a journey and I'm barely a quarter of a way through (if God graces me with at least 80 years!).  I'm anxious for completion but if my goals were completed right now would I have truly lived fulfilled?  I'm beginning not to think so.  For me, living an accomplished life means making it through the potty training while dreaming of writing and working earnestly at my job and being the wife that genuinely smiles and has a good day.  If I skip through all of this to the end, can I really look back and tell stories like my grandfather?  Or, would I have any dreams like my brother that is about to take on the world?



Living a life fulfilled is about living through all the seasons that make up the journey.  Only, then will life be fully accomplished.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen


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