IMG_7404 [dropcap]T[/dropcap]his Christmas was our first Christmas celebrated as a family of four in our "home".  For the first time ever, we got to sleep in our own house on Christmas Eve and wake up to find presents under our very own Christmas tree.  It's a Christmas I've been dreaming about ever since Raleigh and I started dating in high school.  Receiving this rental house in October was truly the best gift we've been given for the holidays.


Saying that, one thing that I learned this year is that Christmas is still busy even if you are in the same city as your parents and in-laws.  And, Christmas is especially busy when you work at a church.  But, despite the busyness of the season, it was so nice to take a nap on our couch and cook Christmas breakfast in our kitchen (yes, the smoke alarm went off!), and look at our Christmas tree after a long Christmas Eve and reflect on why so much fuss is put into this holiday.


Maralee and Adeline, Christmas 2012 (2 1/2 years old)

Our girls loved Christmas this year.  Being two and a half, they got three things: it is Jesus' birthday, Santa says ho, ho, ho, and there are lots of Christmas trees.  Usually, we are so busy rushing to Christmas parties in December but with our recent move many of our typical social events were replaced with family events.  We got to go see Christmas lights one evening.  Adeline, Maralee, and I made some ornaments from Truth in the Tinsel.  Daddy helped us make sugar cookies and told me that the flour wasn't necessary (he soon apologized when his dough stuck to the table).  We watched The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.  And, we got to visit with family without the dreaded ride home.


Here are many snapshots of our Christmas festivities.  I hope you got some good time in with your family and friends this year too.  If you traveled, I encourage you to take a nap on your couch sometime this weekend to make up for lost naps on Christmas Day :)

Merry Christmas!


Christmas at Ganny and Pappy's


 Uncle Courts played "Santa"





Christmas with Gabby and Pops


We might have given John Turner a Thor hammer to use at home :)





We rocked out at Covenant's Family Christmas Eve service - it was awesome!!!


Finger lights are so cool


Couldn't have pulled off the Family service without these fabulous gals!


Christmas morning!  Adeline loved opening presents :)


Maralee loved her Jake telescope!


Maralee sitting on her new bedspread for her big girl bed!


Daddy putting together the new toys :)


Obi and Lu Lu got treats too :)


Our kitchen full of sweets


Merry Christmas sweet friends

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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