Truth-seekers, have I sure been thinkin' about you.  (Now, I can't get the tunes to that eighties song "I've Been Thinking About You" out of my head. I might be listening to it now and doing a little shoulder bobbing while I type.) Oh my. Sha bow-wow (okay, time to turn off the song!).

Really in truly, I have been thinking about you for the longest time.  Not to get all mushy, but I care about you.  I always wonder why you choose to come to this part of the Internet and read what is written in this space.  Do you need an encouraging word?  Can't get enough of Adeline and Maralee growing up (they will be THREE in four months!)?  Or, do you love to read God's truth to start your day?

Source: via Paislee on Pinterest


I don't know why you drop by but I am so honored to stand at the front door and welcome you here.  I imagine if we met in real life, you would come inside and I'd apologize for the mess (if you could only see my house right now after having two sick girls home all day) but you would say its fine and we'd sit on the couch or the front porch (if its warm) and sip lemonade between our children climbing up and down us as we talk.  We'd share laughs, maybe tears if the day has been harder than expected or if a child spills lemonade down our pants, and we'd hug a ginormous take-the-breath-outta-ya hug as you get back in your car and we wave goodbye.

Ahh, the joys of community.

This might be fairy-tale thinking, but a big part of me wants that to be a reality.  I want to know you better.  Find out if you like your lemonade sweet or tart.  Sometimes I feel like I'm the one doing all the talking when all I want is to listen to you. What is going on in your life?  Are you overwhelmed or excited about your current circumstances and opportunities?  How are your kids doing?  Do you feel like a crazy woman too?

God has been placing the word community on my heart.

What community is and how to create a more unified community in this space for seekers from all over the world, the state of Alabama, and the city of Dothan.  My desire is not to write just for the sake of memory-keeping but to guide and encourage others to engage in community: sharing their lives, hopes, fears, and dreams with others. 


We didn't change the name of The Uncontainable Truth to illuminate just for something new.  We did it because God wants this space to move more in the direction of community than Christen's life stories.  We've been working with The Organic Bird on designing this space to be more of a light for your path.

Not sure if you noticed the countdown on the right side of the page yet, but on Valentine's Day we will reveal the new design and launch Illuminate. 

It's our version of giving the gift of love.

Before the reveal, we are working on many aspects of illuminate to make it function more efficiently and to better meet your needs.  Like I said earlier, I truly would love to meet you in real life and ask you how you are doing and what you need.  But, since I can't, I'm asking you on this short, 10 question survey. 


Will you please take a moment and fill out this survey?  You will truly be making a difference to this online community.  The questions are very short and extremely helpful to us as we decide on how to re-focus the content of this site to tailor your needs. By filling out the survey, you are helping us to brighten, reveal, and make clear the uncontainable truth.

There will be more updates throughout the next five weeks as we get ready to reveal illuminate.  I feel like we are getting ready for a huge surprise party that is being planned just for you.  Oh, how I wish I could see your face when you come to illuminate on Valentine's Day!

Thank you truth-seekers.  I look forward to our year filled with surprises, porch-sitting, and lemonade-sipping.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen