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January is such a great time of year to pick up a new mommy book.  I've been anxiously awaiting the release of these three books since October and am so excited to share them with you all today.  These books are all great for different reasons and they each target moms at different stages of mothering.

{for moms of little ones}


Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe


(by Sarah Mae & Sally Clarkson)



I absolutely fell in love with Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae at Allume.  I can so relate to Sarah Mae when she talks about how hard the little years are for mothers and my pen couldn't write fast enough when I heard Sally speak her words of wisdom.  Watch this video trailer for Desperate:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zr34QJtCwY]

What You Will Find in Desperate

  • The perspectives of an younger women going through the little years, and an older woman who has raised her children well
  • QR codes and links at the end of each chapter that lead to videos with Sarah Mae and Sally talking about the chapter
  • A friend who so understands those “hide me in closet” moments
  • Practical steps to take during the desperate times
  • Bible study and journal exercises in each chapter that will lead you to identify ways in which you can grow as a mom
  • Mentoring advice for real-life situations
  • Q & A section with Sally where she answers readers questions

To purchase Desperate for yourself or a mom you know, click here.

{for expecting mothers & mothers that experience His Presence in pregnancy}


Redeeming Childbirth: Experiencing His Presence in Pregnancy, Labor, Childbirth, and Beyond}

 By Angie Tolpin

I want to share this book with mothers because of my own birthing experience delivering Adeline and Maralee three months early.  I felt a lot of shame with their premature delivery and it was only through God's redemptive grace that shame was replaced with thankfulness.  Joining Angie's Launch Team, I can sense her passion for this subject and her desire to connect women through all types of childbirth - natural, water birth, C-section, and everything else.  One of her major points that I've read in this book is that it doesn't matter how you choose to deliver your child but to see childbirth as a gift from God.  Here's more info:

The vision is that Christian women would unite under one head, Christ, who is our Cornerstone and begin to minister to one another in an edifying way with regard to this season in a woman’s life. Embracing His Miracle, Experiencing His Presence, and Engaging Birth & Integrating Relationships are key challenges to grow towards and incorporate in this journey.

The mission of Redeeming Childbirth is to encourage and equip women with tools to engage the journey of pregnancy, labor and childbirth with confidence in the Lord.

The goal is not to convince women to choose the same method of birthing, but rather to encourage women to engage whatever circumstances, trials, or experiences the Lord allows intentionally seeking His wisdom, counsel and care through the spiritual disciplines of study, meditation, prayer, praise and worship.

The purpose of Redeeming Childbirth is to motivate and inspire Christian women to incorporate the Lord in the birthing process through example and mentoring. The outcome of every birth may be similar in every woman’s story–a baby in your arms. But the difference in a redeemed childbirth is seen in the mind, heart and soul of the woman. We have many opportunities for spiritual growth in life. Redeeming Childbirth attempts to challenge and lead women to pursue growth in their lives on a deeper level of intimacy with Christ.

Redeeming Childbirth releases next Tuesday, January 15th and you can get it here.

{for moms to share with other moms}

Overwhelmed: 31 Stories from M.O.M.

by The M.O.M. Initiative (I'm featured here!)


NOW, more than ever, moms need mentoring mommas who are willing to share the gift of themselves!
NOW, more than ever, Titus 2 mommas are ready to step up to the plate and pour their lives into moms!




BEGIN a M.O.M. Initiative Mentor Group in your area and begin to change the world, one mom at a time!

We have provided a 6 week experience with 31 stories from real moms who have walked in the shoes of the overwhelmed mom and found hope, healing and victory through walking with God and applying biblical truths to everyday life.

In Overwhelmed ~ 31 Stories from M.O.M., they share their stories.

To check out the stories from moms for moms, head on over to The M.O.M. Initiative and get Overwhelmed for free when you sign up for newsletter updates.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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