IMG_7620 [dropcap]I[/dropcap] can't seem to get enough wisdom from Sally Clarkson these days.  After hearing her speak at Allume, I began reading one of her mothering books called The Mom Walk.  I found such significance in what she wrote about understanding our part in the story as mothers that I wrote it down.  It is such a good guidance for how we, as moms, need to be Jesus' disciples to our children, teaching them what it means about servanthood, humility, and responsibility.  I hope you glean as much wisdom from this as I did.

"It is essential that we ourselves understand that great story.  We must personally understand God’s call on us as His people to be part of redeeming the world back to Him.  God chose to put His Spirit into these bodies of flesh, blood, and bone so that we would be His hands, His words, His love, and His forgiveness to the people of this world.  I must personally see myself as responsible for reaching other for Christ.

[box_dark]               I have heard many pastors preach about how ten percent of the people do ninety percent of the work in the church.  I don’t know where that statistic comes from, but in my experiences it does reflect truth.  Many people have simply never internalized or accepted their own responsibility for God’s kingdom or their need to seek out the lost.  There are a thousand excuses for not being qualified, but Jesus did not pick trained or qualified men to be His disciples.  He simply chose those who were willing to respond to His call and then follow Him.[/box_dark]

When Jesus looked out over the people of Israel, He had compassion for them because they were downhearted and seemed like sheep without a shepherd.  But he turned to his disciples to make them part of His unfolding story and said to them, “The Harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.  Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into the harvest” (Matthew 9:37-38).

[pullquote_left]   Like Jesus’ disciples, we are to be those workers.[/pullquote_left]  Like Jesus’ disciples, we are to be those workers.

Even more, if we don’t take on the stewardship of the world that God has placed into our hands, our children will inherit a world in which it will be incredibly difficult to live fully and in a godly way.  If we do not determine to be servants to other people, our children will find it impossible to find like-minded friends or marriage partners, or anyone to share their worldview and love for God.  If we desire for our children to have a culture that is moral, righteous, and just, then we must build righteousness and justice into their lives, and work to protect and promote righteousness and justice in our own nation and world.

[box_light] Our children are looking for love, guidance, and affirmation.  If they don’t have their needs met by us in our homes, they will look to have their needs met by whoever else is most available.  I have so often seen the tragedy of teens who have become involved in lives filled with immoral decisions – even children raised in church life – who are in our basement weeping at their scars.  They confess to my older children that their parents know nothing about what has gone on in their lives.  Before these times, I read statistics about children with only mild interest.  When the statistics became personal, though, and we saw up close the wounded lives of precious friends, I became more convicted about how vigilant I need to be as a mother.  I need to be there protecting, loving, and training my children.  I need to be physically available to them in order to talk to them, love them, and bless them.[/box_light]

I believe the Spirit of God is calling mothers to a strategic ministry in a unique time.  I know I risk making moms angry at me for saying this, but the stakes in our children’s lives and the potential consequences are too high to ignore.  God intended that righteousness be passed down from one generation to another through the family.  If we don’t take personal responsibility to train and discipline our children and to teach them that they are responsible to teach others, then we will risk losing the battle for our children’s hearts and minds, and the battle for the next generation will be compromised, perhaps beyond recovery.

One of the greatest works we will ever do is to light the fire in our children’s hearts for becoming kingdom workers. [pullquote_right]One of the greatest works we will ever do is to light the fire in our children’s hearts for becoming kingdom workers.[/pullquote_right] It is not enough only to teach our children all the things they should know.  We need to pass on to them a heart that is filled with the love and compassion of God for others.  Only when they are acting out God’s love for others will they be able to glimpse His own love for them and the world.   That is how thankfulness for grace is learned, and how humility grows from an understanding of what it cost Christ to lay down His life for us.  That kind of reality is passed on only by a real relationship.

As we walk in the good works that God prepared for us to do, we model for our children what kingdom work looks like.  We help build into their very beings that they are to be a part of the great work – that their personality, skills, mind, and soul have been designed by God to be invested in a cause greater than themselves, When we unlock their potential for service, calling, and ministry, we reveal their innermost design – they were made in the image of God to be purposeful and to invest their lives in a meaningful work which will last throughout eternity.

[quote]                But before I can pass that on I must accept my own responsibility – my own stewardship for the world.  I must perceive myself as part of the solution in ministry and, centrally, in the way I raise my children and help them see and find their part in God’s kingdom.  To do this, I must see my children as stewards of God’s kingdom work – not just as recipients of knowledge about the kingdom.[/quote]

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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- The Mom Walk, Clarkson, Sally. Pages 116 – 119.