Happy post-Super Bowl Monday truth-seekers!
Did everyone load up on cheese dip and cookies last night?

I wanted to do a quick post today to remind everyone that illuminate is being revealed next week on Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (in case it slipped your mind, V-Day is on Thursday, February 14th :))  And y'all, all I can do is:

I'm a little obsessed with Pitch Perfect right now (it's been a good laugh while getting blog stuff ready!)  I've got one more funny from it that is appropriate for V-Day:

Source: etsy.com via Christen on Pinterest

Okay, back to illuminate reveal day.  Since I love you all so, I've asked some of my favorite Etsy shop owners to give away some products on Valentine's day for the reveal!!!!!  (Thank you to everyone that filled out the survey too...I hope you enjoy these giveaway items!)
Here's a quick look at what we are giving away:

All-Over String Art from Herring Design Company:

I ordered the Heart String Art for Raleigh this Christmas and absolutely love it!  Rachel is going to design the all-over string art  in these colors too.
You can check out more of Rachel's shop (and her awesome home design blog!) in these spaces:

Valentine's Clothespin Magnets:


I love miniature things and I love pictures so we Raleigh gave me these clothespins for Christmas, I let out a squee they were so darn cute.
You can find more Pretty French Things on Heather's Etsy shop or check out her lovely food blog!

Illuminate Watercolor Print:


I met Annie from Be Small studios at Allume this past October and her art makes my soul rest easy.  Super cool story: when I asked her if she would donate an item for the giveaway, she had already been working on this lantern artwork with the word illuminate on it.  I got chills...isn't God amazing?!
You can find more art from Annie on her Etsy site:

Illuminate FREE e-book:

It looks like giving away e-books is becoming a thing now for us on Valentine's Day.  I'll be giving away my newest e-book, A Light for Your Path, next week! It's going to have some free printables inside it too...yippee :)

Okay, so be here next Thursday to learn how to enter the drawing for these items! It will be super easy, promise.  Thanks for the Aca-Love truth-seekers!

Okay, gotta stop.
Till next time, let your light shine!
Blessings, christen
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