We've recently received some pretty sweet mail from friends and family.
Hand-made cards.
Sticker-covered brown packages.
Scribbled notes on gorgeous stationery, often sealed with washi tape.
Who doesn't love a good piece of real, hold-it-in-your-hands-with-not-option-to-click-forward-or-delete snail mail?
It's a lost art.

So I've been doing my research. (You know, on Pinterest, where all scientific research is done.) I thought if I shared some of my findings, we'd all be inspired to be more thoughtful, and send a handwritten note or package today!

And here's the challenge:

I'm going to start sending some fun mail and taking pictures.  Will YOU ALSO send some fun and/or pretty mail, and send me the pictures to post on my blog?  We'll all inspire each other!

Heart Handmade UK
This is gorgeous.  Brown craft paper looks fantastic with simple gel-pen doodles and an artistic collage of pretty stamps.
I've noticed many people purposely buy lower-value stamps so they can paste more of them along the envelope like a mini-gallery.


(Note to self: Must buy pretty stamps!)
I want this bird stamp! What a stunning package.
I love this blog. It's filled with package ideas... but it's not in English. :)
Pictures are worth a thousand words, right?
Ishtar Olivera
More stamping.
Can you tell I love brown craft paper?
Omiyage Blogs
But I'm also a fan of color.
Those little houses are made of washi tape!

One more fun idea for you... how about mailing items that ARE NOT in an envelope or box? There's a blog called Giver's Log that shows you all kinds of uncoventional items that can be popped into the mail.  Click here, or browse below:

Now go send some mail!

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