motherhood - blessing & sacrifice

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Every day as a mother has its own personality traits that result in blessing and sacrifice.  This Monday, many mothers sacrifice the lazy weekend home with their families for work clothes, packed lunches, and carpool.

But, even in sacrifice, blessings can be found.

Your children are loved and learning independence.  Your mind has a chance to plan without interruption.  All come back to this place called home and break bread together in the evening.  Your sacrifice in the morning brings blessing in the evening.

We are in the thick days of lent, you and I.  We sacrifice food or media or hastiness to draw closer to our co-heir of this kingdom.  In the midst of giving up, we gain blessing.  We learn that we don't need it all and certainly can't have it all.  Our sacrifices are blooming blessings.

Before I became a mother, I thought I could have it all.  The perfect life where children would rarely disobey, the house is always clean, and I can do whatever I darn well please.  Well, I sure had my head in the clouds, don't ya think?

I've been stubborn about sacrificing.  I've kicked and screamed and hidden under the covers.  But, I can't run away from sacrifice.  It comes at me, hard and fast.  Just when I think it is too much, my sacrifices blindside me and turn into blessing.  Blessings so big that they hug and squeeze me tighter than my skinny jeans.

Motherhood is full of sacrifices that catapult into blessings.

The only way to enter into this exclusive club is by the doors of sacrifice.  Beyond those doors, we receive our children: the biggest blessing we will ever inherit. We sacrifice our bodies to produce these blessings. We sacrifice our dreams to build up our blessings. We sacrifice time, money, vacations, new cars, big houses, clothes, exotic cities, and even our waistlines to pour into the lives of our children.  Motherhood is full of sacrificing our selfish tendencies so we can experience the blessing that comes from loving our children.

As moms, we get a tiny glimpse of how God must feel about us.  How he sacrificed his son for the blessing of mankind.  Instead of being selfish, he sacrificed. May we, as mothers, absorb this delicate truth?

Our days as moms will be far from perfect, full of hard sacrifices.  But, as we watch our children play in the evening sun that stays at the edge of day for a little while longer, we feel the warmth of blessing tug at our hearts.  Our children are worth every sacrifice; because they are the blessings which christen us into motherhood.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen