Good morning truth-seekers! One of my favorite things about season changes is a change of clothes.  I absolutely adore spring and summer fashion...from cute sundresses to wedge heels with a peek-a-boo toe...I love it all!  But, sometimes it can be tough figuring out how to fit fashion into motherhood (this weekend at my cousin's wedding, I had a little fashion emergency - I wore this dress to the rehearsal dinner that has no back so I just stuck some padding in front to cover my, ahem, you know but every time I held the girls it would sneak up on me...I desperately needed some tape to keep those from showing!).  Anyway, today we have a guest post from the lovely Trina Holden who recently released her e-book, Embracing Beauty: Practical Style for Every Shape and Season of Motherhood.  I first met Trina this year at Allume and she is a fellow Alabama girl!  As you can see from our Allume group photo (she's the one in the wig!) Trina isn't afraid to be bold with her looks!  Love her spunk and you will love this post!

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  Fashion and motherhood...too often in my day, and in the lives of the mommas I see around me, those two don't mix very well.

Between diaper changes and finding matching socks and switching the laundry to the drier before it molds, spending time on our own appearance can feel pointless. After all, it will probably fall prey to splattered lunch or some sort of bodily fluid within the hour, right?

But if we neglect our personal appearance, we risk missing out on a huge area God intended us to find joy. He is a beautiful God whose love of beauty is evident throughout creation. We were made in His image, so seeing and embracing beauty in the every day can give us deep satisfaction and delight. I believe He has made provision for us to embrace beauty despite the challenging season of motherhood if we will be intentionally creative with the few moments we have.

Fitting Fashion into Motherhood

Here are 3 strategies you can use to fit fashion into the midst of your motherhood...

Know what you love. A clean top that fits well won't help your attitude if it's a color you hate. Take a few minutes on Pinterest or Polyvore to create a virtual pin board of whatever catches your eye and makes you smile. Once you've pinned 10 or 20 items you like, you should see a theme emerging. Color, style, form and textures should be noted and have an impact on your future purchases.

Spend as little as possible on clothes you love--that way, when spills happen, you aren't seeing dollar signs burning. Learn the art of thrifting, or take advantage of online sales and Ebay if the ages of your children make IRL shopping trips a challenge. You need the freedom to see your clothes as somewhat disposable in this season, so you can embrace beauty without resenting how hard kids can be on your clothes.

Wear what you love every day. Most mom's daily uniform is some variation on jeans and a t-shirt, and there's nothing wrong with that! But we shouldn't neglect the joy a little color and accessories can bring. Try adding earrings, a scarf, or a bit of your favorite color--little bits of your personal definition of pretty should be a part of every outfit.

When the days are long and the nights too short, we need as much joy splashed through our day as possible--let's not miss out on the fun and delight He intended us to find in the area of personal style!

If you need more inspiration and help in the area of personal style, check out my new book "Embracing Beauty: Practical Style for Every Shape and Season of Motherhood."

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