Every morning on our way to wherever we may be going I always pray a blessing over my children and husband. I rarely forget to say our morning prayer, but if I do AK is always quick to remind me, "Mom! We didn't say the blessing!" I pray for the Lord's favor, his blessing, protection, and the guideance of the Holy Spirit among other things, in all our lives. At the end of the prayer each day AK and I say these two "mantras" if you will..., "I'm healthy, I'm wealthy, and wise. Blessed by the Lord, Amen!" and "I am royalty, I have destiny, I have been set free...Halleluiaja...Thank you Jesus - Amen!"  We don't start a single day without recognizing that we are living in the promise of Abraham available to us by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Let me share a few of our many blessings with you....

change is good


Who? Me?

date night

Our home is filled with laughter and the joys of childhood. Our children are learning so much and growing so fast! We truly are blessed by the Lord! When I dreamed of having children and a family of my own, I never dreamed it would be this fulfilling. Each day has its own struggles, but each day also brings its own blessing. I am  blessed to call these wonderul people my family - gifted to me by the Lord.

Count your blessings today - it may be what you need to get through your tomorrow...

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