Last week when we were at the beach for the Fourth of July, Raleigh and I took the girls down to Seaside for the evening. We nestled our picnic blanket on the grassy lawn so the girls could run and play without causing {too} much disturbance. While they played, we ate barbecue sliders and nachos from a food truck. All of our shoes were kicked off and we watched the sky change from hot to light pink.



We had found our happy spot.


Even the typical disturbances that happen with young children couldn't stop us from enjoying the evening. We were a family, a unit among units, and the usual frustrations just didn't seem as frustrating that night. I love those kind of moments.


What I'm beginning to realize about life is this: life is better lived joyfully. When we let go and live like every spot, every situation, is a place where we can be focused instead of frustrated, that is when we are truly content. Because life is full of frustrations; we aren't going to be rid of them anytime soon. There will always be those things that get under our skin or turn our happiness off. But, only if we let them.


I want to get drunk on life. I want to sip it slow like a glass of Chardonnay and get all tingly and bright eyed about all the joys, the happy places to settle. I want to live life a little out of control, recklessly devoted to following Jesus. His ways, not mine. I don't want this moment of my life to be remembered just as hard. I want to look back on this age with fondness, like old photographs, and that I carried on in spite of the hard with a smile.


At one point in the evening, the girls locked arms and scampered off to play. They were surrounded by other kids but all they wanted was each other. They began to hug so fiercely that they tumbled onto the ground, laughing in glee. That. That is living in a happy place, being content with the people you love, the family you can't live without.


God is calling us to get away from all the mess in our daily lives and find our happy place right where we are. The future is full of what-may-be's and the past is full of life-was-so-easy mentalities but the present...the present is beckoning us to rest and trust that God is good. The present says slow down with the expectations and the plans and says sit and breathe when the frustrations are about to burst and the present says just-be-who-God-created-you-to-be.

Ask for forgiveness.

Ask for help.

Ask for grace.


Find your seaside today, truth-seeker. Let the frustrations go. Hold the ones you love a little bit longer. Live in a happy place. Today.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen