Today's going to be one of those fill-you-in-on-what's-going-on type of posts.  Because, you like need to know what is going on in our lives, right? :)  Seriously, I want to share because I have some really great news that is a direct result of you!!!

Remember a few weeks ago when I asked you all to pray for us to see God's will with our house?  Well, I just have to let you know that we got an offer on our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Crazy amazing, right? Before I asked y'all to pray for this, we were seriously discouraged about not selling our house yet.  We had some of those prayers that were defeated but still hopeful that God would work all things according to his good will. We believed that even if our house didn't sell, he was providing for us.  To sell a house in Montgomery right now is only something God can do.

Later that week, our Realtor called to let us know he was showing our home. He called Raleigh back later that afternoon and said we had a verbal offer but there were a few things we needed to do and a few things that had to work out for the couple to live in Montgomery from where they were moving. So nothing official yet, but praise Jesus it is a step in the right direction.

Seriously, praise Jesus.  I really had this amazing peace come over me that day and I just knew we were going to be okay.  What I realized on the day we got an offer is that God cares about our homes.  When I prayed, I recalled scripture from the Old Testament about him taking his people to the promised land and how he provided for them until they got to the land filled with fruit and honey. God loves his people and wants his people to have shelter. Realizing that God truly does care about something as small as where our family will live has made all the difference to me.

I know this offer can fall through. I also know that praying for God's will is not the same as praying for our house to sell.  So, I'm not going to ask you to pray for our house to sell but continue to pray for God's will.  I'm praying specifically for this family that loves our house as much as we do...that everything works out and it becomes their new home. I'm also praying to believe that God is working things out for us to begin the initial stages of looking for a new home here in Dothan. But, most importantly, I'm praying for his will and to not be disappointed if this couple doesn't buy our home.


The other big thing I wanted to share with y'all is next week is Covenant's Vacation Bible School. I've been working super hard since summer began with my co-worker Jessica and our lovely VBS volunteers Christie and Angela and I can't believe it is next week!  I'm excited, nervous, anxious, and ready. This week we are doing the last minute decorating and coordinating. I don't think anybody realizes how much goes into preparing for a VBS and I'm praying that this experience will truly reveal Jesus' amazing love to the kids that come. We are having Yancy perform at our VBS all next week and she is performing a family concert {free!} on Wednesday night at 6 pm in our gym. If you are in Dothan, bring your fam!

Needless to say, I might be a little more sporatic around here this week and next because of VBS.  But, I'll be posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so be sure to check out what's going on in those places.  Also, Adeline and Maralee will be attending VBS for the first time this year so I'm pretty pumped about that.  Say a prayer though...they don't really understand that mom is "working" when they see me at the church and will make a mad dash toward me whenever I'm in their view!

(Also, sorry for the sidebar but I'm turning 29 soon.  Just thought y'all should know. I'm thinking of getting side bangs. Thoughts on this? I'm ready for a new 'do but not ready to cut all my hair off.)

So, please keep our family in your prayers and pray that God's will be done over the next few weeks. Thank you sweet friends!

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen