This post was first published last November but I'd like to share it again today. May you have a moment to slow down today and rest in the Lord, truth-seeker.

Urgency makes me go crazy. She is a mix between the drill coach and the cheerleader; blowing her whistle and yelling for me to go, go, GO! Urgency exerts me to my limits until I can't take her fast-pace any longer and I collapse beneath the weight of her expectation.

For the past year, I've allowed her to guide me quickly. I figured following her would get me to my destination faster. She would make me stronger and give me energy to not only accomplish my tasks but excel.

Urgency got right in my face and convinced me that once we move to Dothan we won't have as much pressure. She said that if we got through the terrible two's that the twins would be less of a challenge. Urgency has told us that the quicker we climb, the sooner we would be at a safe, secure place. She's pushed and pushed and I've finally begun to understand what it means to have human limitations.

I have appreciated Urgency's call to action in our lives. She has made some of our dreams possible and I thank her for that. But, she's also caused meltdowns,and heavy pressure. Some might say that is the cost to pay for success but might I challenge that these frantic emotions cause more division than unity? Or, that running on human time we never fully reach Urgency's destination?

There is always more to do and be with Urgency. She drinks Anxiety for coffee and Stress fills her calendar. She is the hare and scoffs at the tortoise.

But, what if we chose to be like the turtle and not have such a sense of Urgency? The tortoise moved at its' own slow pace toward the finish line and ended up winning the race because the hare had to take a nap halfway through from running so hard.  That's what Urgency does to us. We go so fast with Urgency that we are exhausted half-way through the race and need a break. We run this thing called life to the ground with commitments, schedules, and challenges and we can't even run the whole race from lack of energy. I have been so much like the hare and am not physically able to run at this speed any longer.

What about you?  Have you been running like the hare or the tortoise?

If we don't slow down and run life at God's pace, we are going to give out and miss the cheers at the finish line. Then, we need to absorb what we just accomplished before starting the next task. Often the beauty is missed because we are too busy passing it by.

Beauty like the silliness of two year olds or the joy of living in community and the gift of having nothing but having everything at the same time. Resting in God's timing gives us security more than jobs or even our earthly families ever will.  [quote]Isaiah 40:31 says, "Those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary." [/quote]

Life has to be run at a slower pace. We aren't going to always get what we want now and we have to learn that is okay! Ecclesiastes 9:11 says that the race is not swift. We aren't making wise decisions by choosing the stamina of the hare. There is always a low after the high of urgent living.

Jesus came to this place to walk among us. Not run, but walk. He took his time with the people around him: his disciples, the crowds, the sick and elderly. He chose to sleep while the storm raged on the water and he didn't immediately rush to Lazarus to bring him back to life. Jesus took on the stamina of the tortoise and he did things on God's time not human time. Shouldn't we choose the same?

If we don't, we are going to miss some really great parts of life. We have to slow down and fill our lungs with God's breathe of Peace instead of rapidly-heaving Urgency. May we pace ourselves slow and steady like the tortoise; so we too can cross the finish line in first place.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen


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