r bday Last week was my husband's birthday. I've celebrated eleven birthdays with him and every year I struggle with what to get him.  Polo's and dock shoes are an easy pick, along with belts and watches.  I've gone sporty with a punching bag. Some years, I go all lovey-dovey with a drawing I sketched or give him a memory box with mod-podged pictures of us all over. I've even made birthday cakes from scratch. But, after a while, the gifts either get super expensive or not very thoughtful. Do you ever struggle with what gift to get your husband?

Well, with his birthday drawing near, I scrambled to pick up a DVD and some new running shoes.  But, I felt like he needed something else...something out of the ordinary. Then, I remembered seeing some old ticket stubs on our kitchen counter.  We have three year old twins and needless to say they get into everything!  My husband keeps all of his ticket stubs from concerts, movies, and games in his dresser drawer.  I hate opening that drawer because the ticket stubs explode like a confetti gun and it's just one hot mess if you ask me.

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