So, last week I mentioned that we got an offer on our house and that I was thick in planning our Vacation Bible School.Since then, our offer fell through and I became contagious with strep throat. Oh, how things can change ever so quickly.

When Raleigh called and told me about the offer not going through, I was too busy to really get disappointed.  I guess God knows me well enough that I needed to have my mind occupied so I wouldn't dwell on that bad news. But, I think I worked myself a little too hard because I came home exhausted every night and woke up on Saturday unable to swallow without crying and could barely move because my body was so achy.  After a morning at the doctor, it was determined that I needed to go home, rest, and not be around anybody for 24 hours to give the antibiotics enough time to kick in.  Did I mention that today starts VBS?

I felt awful physically and I felt awful for not being at the church the day before a major event. Stations had to be assembled, decorations had to be put up, and last minute decisions had to be made.

But, I couldn't be there to do it.

Thankfully, I have an army of people that could. My always faithful husband became my knight in shining armor: greeting parents on Sunday morning, teaching kids during elementary worship, and staying at the church all afternoon getting VBS set up.  My co-workers, Jessica and Jessica, helped everyone find what they needed and our awesome VBS co-chairs Christie and Angela made decisions and gave people direction.

For them, I am ever grateful.

I am one, but I'm part of a body of people that believe in the same thing.

For that, I am abundantly grateful.

As for the house not selling, I'm bummed but I believe God's going to work everything out.  Before we went to bed, I asked Raleigh if this was a God issue.  I was genuinely confused as to why we keep having this as a roadblock. Do you ever ask those kind of questions or am I the only one?

On Sunday, I watched our church's live stream on the couch. (It was so weird not being at church! But, I'm so glad I got to "go" to church from home.)  Hays shared the story of the Israelites at their forty year journey through the wilderness.  He said that it was only supposed to have taken the Israelites eleven days to get from the Sinai peninsula to Canaan.  Eleven days turned into 39 years!!!!!  I thought that was amazing.  His point was that God is not in a hurry and that learning his will starts with our hearts.

Man, did that hit home. We've been so consumed with the "Are we following God's will?" and "Why won't our house sell?" and "Why are things not going according to our plans?" questions that we haven't fully trusted God with our hearts.  We are asking God big questions and you know what his answer continues to be?  


Hays said that we should wait actively and live dependently.  For our house situation, waiting actively does not include stressing out about the future.  It is being grateful for having a roof over our heads today. I just can't worry about tomorrow or next month or next year or forever for that matter.  I just need to be grateful for today and I do that by living dependently on God. As for my question to Raleigh about this being a God issue? The answer is most certainly yes.

God does care about our houses, our finances, our marriages, our health, and all the other things that make up our daily lives.  He cares about the big things and he cares about the small things.  He gave the Israelites food and clothes during those forty years.  He gave them a home too.

Today, be grateful for all that God has given you.  It might not be how you wanted it to be or happen exactly when you wanted it to but know that God loves you and cares about you.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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