Today, I'd like for you all to meet Meagan. She is one of my HelloMornings buddies and we had so much fun getting to know one another this summer through our study.  God continually amazes me with how he can connect women from across the country through social media like Twitter.  Meagan writes at Stand and Consider and is sharing her thoughts on waking up today with all of us. 


Mornings and I. We haven't always been friends.

Up until a few years ago I never considered myself a morning person. I took great pleasure in sleeping as long as possible, but when my children were younger I realized that something had to change. On those mornings when I would stay snuggled in my bed longer than I should, I would be greeted by the sweet whispers of little voices beckoning me to get up.

Only I didn’t always think those voices were so sweet.

I began to realize those extra moments of sleep simply were not worth it. When I was waking up to my kids I was generally waking up cranky knowing that I was going to have to hit the ground running. No time to sit quietly and drink some coffee. No time to read my Bible and pray. And let’s face it. If I wasn’t reading my Bible first thing, I most likely wasn’t reading it at all that day. Sad, but true.

Because waking up early was not my thing, I knew I needed some help and accountability. If I wanted to consistently get up and spend some intentional moments in the Word and preparing for the day, I could not do it alone. Enter HelloMornings.

When I first heard about HelloMornings I knew that was exactly what I needed. It was the accountability I was looking for and the extra push I needed to get up in the mornings and start my day before the troops woke up. At the time there were only Twitter groups, and I had no idea how Twitter worked, but I signed up anyway and jumped right in. And I loved it. (Not necessarily Twitter, but the community of women I met who were in the exact same place as me.)

Since that first session I’ve been in every kind of group that has been available—Twitter, Facebook, email, and this time around Instagram.

As a result of being a part of so many different groups (and types of groups) I have had the privilege of meeting so many different women. Some I lose touch with once the session has ended, but there are a few special people (like Christen!) who I have connected with and keep in touch with online. It has been a bigger blessing than I could have ever imagined.

I would love to tell you that after all those mornings of waking up early it’s easy to rise each day well before the sun. I would love to tell you that all that accountability has made me able to completely focus each morning spending intentional, productive time in the Bible and in prayer. 

But then I’d be lying.

Despite all the encouragement and prayers from the other ladies, there are still days (weeks, months) that it all seems to fall flat. There are days it seems like everyone else has got it together and I’m the only one on the entire planet who struggles to get up and spend time with the Lord. I picture their mornings filled with beautiful worship music, extended times of eloquent prayer, and journals filled with so many wonderful things they have learned in the Word they could write their own commentary. And then there’s little ol’ me, sitting blurry-eyed on the couch praying prayers like, “Help me, Lord,” and reading the same verses over and over every day.

And if I’m being really honest? Some days I get up, but don’t read my Bible or pray. Some days I use up my quiet mornings reading Facebook and blogs. Some days I just don’t get up early at all.

For all the mornings I have risen early to spend time with the Lord, there are probably just as many (if not more) that I have failed.

But I have learned that God is faithful. He is gracious and patient and always there. You may be familiar with these verses in Lamentations that speak of God's mercies being new every morning. I have clung to them desperately over the years.

 “But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope:

The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end;

they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

'The LORD is my portion,' says my soul, 'therefore I will hope in him.'”

 ~Lamentations 3:21-24 (ESV)

I am so grateful for God’s faithfulness to me even when I am faithless. His steadfast love and unending mercies are gifts beyond comprehension. When I make it a priority to start my mornings with Him, I am better able to face the day ahead.

He is my portion. I will hope in Him alone.



About Meagan:  

 I am a follower of Jesus, wife to a fabulous husband, and mom to three fantastic kids. I like coffee, good books, and  great food. And traveling. And the mountains. And my flip-flops.

 I share bits and pieces of life around here. It's my way of slowing down to consider the wonders of God.