Today I am honored to have my friend, Jessica, guest post on the site today.  Jessica is a new friend but it is clear how much God wanted us to be friends! He has given us both a heart to serve women and to share our stories. I'm so proud of Jessica for stepping out in faith today to share her heart with all of you.


Priscilla Shirer ended the weekend by saying, "I hope you are stunned speechless with what God is doing with you." And, she means to the point that people will look at us and be able to see for themselves our new nature with what our great God is doing in our life.

Can you look in the mirror and say, "I'm God's favorite?" Can you look at a friend and say, "I'm Gods favorite?" Well, YOU ARE, all of us are -- Believe it!


Christen and I just came home from one of the best conferences I've ever attended, reCreate 2013 ~ I was here. What an experience! I must add to be able to sit next to our church's new Women's Ministry leader made it even more of a special treat. We had this planned for weeks prior to her new assignment. What makes it even better is, I had been thinking for several weeks about starting a Women's Ministry. I even went so far as to invite Christen to lunch to tell her all about my ideas. Before I could get the words out of my mouth, she told me the church had approached her about leading a Women's Ministry in our church! Now, that's God moving! My mouth dropped in amazement. I was delighted for her and us, but most of all for all the women in our church and our community.


If we can all become more truly connected and doing all the things that God is calling us to do; then, think about all the possibilities we will have in our community. There are unique powers in a group of women! As Charlotte Gambill said at reCreate, "It's a divine arrangement you are here in this room today!" Wow! Words can't explain how that made me feel as I was sitting there listening to some extremely powerful women along with 2400 other women all hungry and seeking more from God.


Power in a good way and not in a self consuming way. Power in a way that makes us fully aware to want to live life to the fullest. Life is not about our personal agenda. Never under estimate the location of where God has placed you. He has you there for a reason. His power can move you to action. Not the kind of action that will help us to achieve our personal goals that we have made for ourselves, but to put into action the goals that God has given us and planted in our hearts. The action that will benefit those in our little corner of the world. God has planted us in a group of people to help us all to do what He is calling us to do. We have so many talents in our little area of the world.

I am thrilled Christen is our new leader. I cannot think of a better person to lead us in this new endeavor. She has such a great heart, full of passion and love for Jesus Christ. Christen asked me many weeks ago to guest post on her blog. I've been wanting to start my blog for months and have not done it. When she asked me to write, she told me I could write about anything. I have several stories I plan to share but this one was most pressing on my heart!


I love to write and have finally decided what good are all my stories sitting in a drawer. I’ve let fear hold me back. Fear of what people will think about me and what others will say. I have a deep passion and compassion for hurting hearts because I've been there. Since getting married in 2005, our family has endured a world wind of events that have forever changed me from the inside out. Friends are for many things, but mainly for helping to sharpen each other's iron to be the person Our God wants us to be.

God doesn't waste a hurt. There is always a bright light on the other side. Sometimes, it just takes us a while to get there. My goal is to share with you experiences that might shed some light to give you hope and brighten your day. God’s plan is to use the part of your life that you think is useless. He will move you to do extraordinary things if you just open your heart, trust Him, and let Him move.


Be inspired! Make a move today and do what God is calling YOU to do. We are all so different and have so many God given talents. Take a step forward. Say to the world, “I am here and I will make a difference in my corner of the world.” For every step forward, most times we take two steps backwards. Don’t let the enemy rob us of what God has planted in our hearts. Put on your new nature, let’s move our chairs closer to the cross, find out what God is calling us to do, and embrace our new Women's Ministry at Covenant United Methodist Church. It is so exciting to think about the possibilities!


RobinsonsMy name is Jessica. I am a grateful wife, mom, and helper by giving a better quality of life to people living with physical disabilities. I have a big heart for helping people that struggle because I've been there.

I am married to Derek, one of the funniest people I know, besides his dad, and am so blessed to be his wife. We love being with our family, friends, and share a love for music. Air guitar being my favorite.

I love being a mom to our awesome 3 year old little boy, Will. It is so amazing to watch him grow and I am so lucky to be his mom. It took us several years to have a positive pregnancy test and I learned that all things DO happen in His time not mine. We found out we were having a baby on Derek's precious moms birthday after sharing many 11:11 moments less than a month after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. We needed this news more than anything. We have a baby girl named Emma Kate on the way and only 6 weeks to her arrival. I always dreamed to have a boy first, then a girl. YES! Dreams do come true.