Did you know that if you humbly ask the Holy Spirit to bring God’s Word to life right before your eyes he will? I mean, most of us “know” this…but when’s the last time you really experienced this?00-end-time-bible-prophecy-word-of-god-is-alive I heard a teaching during the women’s Bible study at our church that really drove home the idea of God’s word being our food source, what sustains us. The teaching really pushed for a daily in-take of this bread of life and how it was life changing. All we have to do is ask for the bread (God’s word) to become life for us.

Now, I am a knowledgeable Christian. I know a lot about God’s word, and even have a lot of it memorized from being raised in a Christian home and attending a Christian school all my life. And while this is all good, sometimes I think it has served as an injustice to my walk with God. For most of my life I have had this sense about me that I know God, and His word – but what I've discovered as I've journeyed down a new path with him is that I don’t know as much as I thought I did!

300breadI took the challenge from the teaching on eating God’s word and began to study the scripture for a daily dose of sustaining bread – and let me tell you…if you earnestly ask for a new revelation – He will give it to you!

I accidentally learned a tough lesson in the last week, if you forsake your daily dose of sustaining bread – it will exhaust you! I overbooked our family schedule due to some last-minute events that came up, that we really needed to be apart of. Instead of cutting less important things out, I forced us all to push through with late nights, poorly planned takeout dinners, and “no bath” nights for the kids. I was “too tired” to get up for my dose of daily Bread and kept saying I would “eat later”. But I never did eat. I ran out of steam by Wednesday morning. I was tired, cranky, sensitive, and found myself turning into a control freak by Sunday! As I sat with my husband on Sunday evening, I confessed to him, “I simply want to cry right now”. I believe this was because I had put the weight of the world on my own shoulders this last week. I told myself that the strength I gained the weeks before in God’s word was enough to sustain me for the week. But I was wrong. This is why the scripture tells us to pray “Give us this day, our daily bread”. We need to feed on his word, sit in his presence, and listen for each day. The Lord has so much he wants to share with you and with me. After my long week of “doing it on my own” I got up this morning to discover God had a perfect word for me, for today. He is so good to me. I am thankful that he knows the secret places of my heart and is able to shine a light in the darkness that I like to keep hidden from the rest of my life.

When is the last time you truly sat down to commune with our Lord and take in your daily bread? While it was a hard lesson to learn last week, I am thankful for the reminder that it gave me…We cannot live this life without his guidance!0512131200

Let me challenge you to ask the Lord to meet you where you are. Ask him to draw you into His Word and then ask the Holy Spirit to bring it to life for you. I've always heard that the Bible is like our road-map to life – but I’m not sure I ever really understood what that truly meant until recently.

Until Next Time Be Blessed and Be a Blessing…