lam 322 The water dripped steady outside my window yesterday morning. The weatherman had been right when he predicted over 90% rain. My sheets were warm, begging me to stay.  The bathroom light was flicked on by my husband, the first of many subtleties to get me out of bed and start my day. Finally, I rose from my cocoon of pillows and bedding and quickly put on my housecoat and shoes. It was an accomplishment, this getting out of bed. 

The rain continued to pound the side of the house hard and fast as I went about our morning routine; crunching on cereal, curling my hair, carefully coaxing the girls into their outfits for school. We made it out of the house somewhat on time and without much fuss. It is amazing how something so small as this can affect my attitude for the rest of the day.

After I battled the umbrella and got my boots wet while dropping the girls off at school, it was time to get some work done before the Thanksgiving holiday. Between checking e-mail and planning an upcoming event, a friend surprised me with some great news.  Even though the rain was still trickling outside my window, this news made the day look sunny and clear.

Being happy for friends isn't something that can always come easy. Rather, we compare and are more easily disappointed that our own circumstances aren't as sunny. Our emotions are like the weather, partly sunny with a chance of rain.

Once I was home from work, I noticed a text from a family member that had received some not great news.  A suspension had been proven accurate and it stopped me in my tracks. The wind howled in the background as I realized that all of our lives were about to change.

How is it, that we can hear great news one minute and terrible news the next? How are we to be thankful always? How do we respond when the rain keeps coming?

We choose to get out of bed.

The rain will eventually cease.  It will find its' way to the ground and back up into the sky where it will be stored for another cloudy day. Until the rain stops, we choose to rise and start a new day; whatever good or bad news it will hold. Every day, we give thanks for what we have received.

It hurts to give thanks when our circumstances are bad.  Yet, our bad is a unique opportunity that can become something good. Our bad can change us for the better. And when we receive good news after going through the bad, we begin to truly understand what it really means to be thankful.

We get to this place of hard thanks when we realize that we weren't going through the bad alone. We had Almighty Love on our side; it just took some windshield wipers to see Him through the rain.

This love is Good and it never quits.  This love is Loyal and doesn't dry up like the rain.  This love is our Savior and is new every morning.  How can we not simply stammer thank you when we realize just how loved we truly are? 

Our days are like the weather; always changing.  Sometimes the weather will be just as we expected it to be and other times we will be caught without a jacket when a downpour strikes. While we can try to prepare we will never really know what our days will hold.  But, instead of staying in timid of the unknown we choose to get out of bed.  We can rise because Something inside us reminds us that we will always have shelter and strength through our life storms.

Remember today that the sun will come out. And when it does, we will feel gloriously thankful.  

Happy Thanksgiving, truth-seekers.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen