This post is dedicated to my precious son, Lucas. Lucas turns 2 this month and I wanted to write this post to him in honor of his birthday.Lucas

Dear Lucas,

You may never know exactly how much joy and laughter you bring to my life, but I want you to know how thankful I am that you call me "mommy"! I am honored to be your mother. Before you were born, I was so very hesitant about the idea of having a son, because of the bond I had formed with your sister. I was unsure of how we would be close, and wondered if you would prefer time with your daddy over me; however on the day you were born all of those hesitations disappeared faster than I could blink my eyes. You have been the most precious, tender, funny, loving, smart, energetic little boy and my days are brighter because of you!

Each day I pray that you will grow in wisdom and stature of the Lord. I pray each day that your father and I would have the wisdom of God to raise you to be a godly young man. I pray daily that the Lord would reveal your gifting and even your calling so that we can be apart of shaping you and preparing you for your role in His kingdom. I pray each day for the little girl who will one day be your wife. I pray that the Lord will protect both you and provide you godly parents and/or mentors that will help shape your view of our Lord in a way that leads to your salvation. I pray that the Lord help protect your purity of heart, body, mind, and soul so that you will have deep love for another when you are married. I pray that you will be a leader, both as a child and an adult. I pray that you will be wise enough to always do right, even in the midst of temptation. I pray that you will always have a positive, loving, and respectful relationship with your father and I. I also pray daily that you grow, develop and learn as you were designed to do. I pray daily for you son, because I love you too much to not ask God to be apart of your life.

You were born smiling, laughing early on  from a sweet tender age and always bringing laughter and smiles to everyone around you. You are smarter than I thought you would be at this sweet age of 2 years old. You are a quick study and you don't let anything hold you back! You observe from afar and after you've gained understanding, you take center stage to show us what you've learned! We are proud of who you are today, and are excited to see who you will become over the next many years.

war eagle

Your love for your big sister is astonishing. If I didn't know there were 23 months between you, I would think you were twins by the closeness in your relationship. The two of you move in sync with one another, and it brings such joy to my heart to see the two of you as best friends. I am so glad you have one another to go through life with.

I look forward to each morning before the sun rises when you come to snuggle with me in my bed. You are tender yet feisty! Your red hair has a personality to match, and I wouldn't have it any other way! You stand firm in your opinions and know what you want - I pray that the Lord shape this part of you for His will. I love when you grab my hand and say, "c'mon Mommy, come play" or when you beg me to hold you so you can say, "sit down mommy". Your efforts to get my attention often remind me that the laundry can wait, but you cannot...because you are growing daily into a precious young boy.

I thank the Lord daily for you, because you were and are the perfect addition to our family unit! When I find out my friends are going to have new baby boys, I just brag on how special that bond and relationship will be due to the relationship I have with you! Thank you Lucas Matthew for changing my perspective on what it would be like to have a son of my own. I pray I show you the love you both deserve and desire from me as your mother. You are a blessing to our family and one day you will be a wonderful blessing to your very own family. Your future wife and children will be blessed beyond measure because you will be theirs!

I love you son, Happy 2nd Birthday!