If you are like me, you might be a little sad that today is Monday and it's time to leave behind the break and start back the regular routine. Only, today is December 2nd which means that we are entering into the very merry yet crazy Christmas season.  Before we get all into the Christmas spirit around here, I thought it might be fun to share some of my Thanksgiving confessions with all of you. And, maybe you will feel inclined to share yours with me too. :)


My children have forgotten how to smile and instead insist on silly faces. I still think they are cute little turkeys. 

1. It is incredibly hard to get any work done the day before a holiday. The phone didn't ring and I didn't have many e-mails but still...I was so excited on Wednesday for Thanksgiving break that you would have thought I was a kid off from school.


We were excited that Stetson, Catie, and Gavin were home for Thanksgiving from Auburn!

2. Speaking of, I terribly miss being home on a college break.  When I was in college, we got a week off for Thanksgiving and three weeks for Christmas. That's like a month! It was awesome because all I did was hang around the house, my friends, and Raleigh. Oh, the glory days.

3. On Thanksgiving, I was reminded multiple times that I was eating for two. And so I did. I have to admit, I had more than one slice of cake and enjoyed my leftovers at dinner just as much as I did at lunch. Except when the dressing gave me heartburn, then I had to have a glass of milk. And cookies.


4. Speaking of being pregnant, I'm entering that stage where I'm having to be resourceful with the clothes that I have. I heart leggings. Most of my dresses are too short now with my belly and I feel like my girls look huge. (I hope my dad didn't read that). The loose shirt thing definetly has been the big winner for me this season. I finally broke down and bought some maternity skinny jeans because the zipper of my go-to jeans kept sliding down with the belly band. I saw a number on the scale at the doctor last week and asked the nurse if it was because I was wearing my heavy boots.  Those have to add at least a pound, right? My doctor told me it was good that I was gaining weight and Ridley is a healthy boy weighing in at 1 1/2 pounds at 23 weeks. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not fat, I'm pregnant. But, anyone who has been pregnant has to agree with me that is easier said than done.

5. One last pregnancy note: four years ago Raleigh and I found out on Thanksgiving that we were pregnant with the girls. I feel like that was the beginning of a new chapter in our lives and it really is so cool to be pregnant again during this season of giving thanks. This week I'm 25 weeks pregnant and I'm so thankful that Ridley is healthy.  It is crazy to me that the twins were born at 27 weeks...that's only three weeks from now! Please continue to pray that Ridley passes the 27 week mark and keeps growing big and strong inside my belly :)


6. On Black Friday, I did not go shopping. I spent the day trying to clean with two three year olds in the house. I probably should have gone shopping.

7. Husband saw how exhausted I was when he got home from his Black Friday adventures (he was building a play set for the girls at the new house for one of their Christmas presents) and suggested we go out to eat for a date night and let his parents keep the girls. We went to the Thai House in Dothan and the restaurant was so quiet with spa-like music in the background. Ahhh...

8. Saturday morning we had a few hours to kill before we watched the game with the Price's. Raleigh headed back to the new house and planted a lemon tree (aren't we getting so farmy!) and I had the house to myself for two whole hours. Would it be bad to admit that I loved every second of it and was slightly disappointed when I heard the truck coming up the drive? (Please remember that I was at home cleaning the day before with three year olds).

photo 2

9. But, I was glad that truck came in the drive because my hubby had battled the game-day apocolypse at the grocery store and returned with what looked to be items to make Jimbo's chili. So, I started making our Iron Bowl grub and also whipped together a double batch of buck-eyes, my favorite Christmas treat.

photo 1

10. I love to cook with music playing in the background. Same goes with decorating. But, I hate cleaning up after I cook and also getting all the Christmas boxes down from our hoarder closet and on display.  But, the music certainly helps with this whole process.

photo 3

11. I hardly posted to any of my social media accounts or checked them for three whole days.  I'm sure I missed your cute Thanksgiving day pictures and Black Friday humor, but I have to admit it was so nice to check out for a few days and just be with my crew.  But, that all ended when Auburn won the Iron Bowl.  We went ballistic. Who could have imagined that Alabama's kick would fall short in the final second of the game and we would return it all the way back to our end zone?!  I'm sorry for my Bama friends and family but I'm so proud of my Auburn Tigers.  It was one heck of a game and I might have posted a few of our after-game excitement and liked every single one of my friends' feeds that had anything to do with Auburn winning.  It was just too much to be contained to our living room.

12. Since we won the game of the century, Raleigh and I have watched and watched and watched that game winning  replay a million times. I might even have it recorded on my phone, you know, just in case we needed it.

photo 5

13. Our Christmas tree is up.  The girls were actually helpful this year on adding the decorations and Adi told me that my mantle looked cute. They are getting so big. We bought them an Elf on the Shelf (her name is Lindsey) and she is helping us teach the girls about what it takes to be on the nice or naughty list. Raleigh and I like Lindsey the elf because she would rather clean up the playroom to get on the nice list instead of writing in flour on the kitchen counter.


14. We watched Fast and Furious 6 (that's the newest one, right?) the other night and I was sad to hear that Paul Walker was killed in a car accident this weekend.


15. I'm going to go ahead and admit that I've hardly done any Christmas shopping, I'm anxious about our house being ready in a month, and this whole having three kids thing is starting to get real.  But, this is how I know that I need to stop thinking about all there is to do and trust that God's got everything under control. When I feel panicky, I just have to remind myself that I really do have so much to be thankful for.

Okay, that's enough confessions for today.  How was your Thanksgiving holiday?

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen