Today is Monday and if you are like me, you can hardly believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Where did the time go this Christmas season?


It was spent standing in long lines to buy the perfect gift on our children's Christmas list (mine want a Jack-in-the-Box and jewelry). 


It was spent baking sweets in the kitchen with our Christmas aprons on, turning our homes into a winter wonderland of powdered sugar, flour, sugar and salt. 

2013-12-01 14.50.07

It was spent picking out the perfect tree, adorning it with lights and ornaments while listening to "There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays."


It was spent playing Dirty Santa with friends and eating appetizers for dinner three out of seven nights a week. 


It was spent making plans for tomorrow night and Christmas morning with family; deciding on who will make the breakfast casserole and what time we will eat it. 

However your December has been spent, the time has drawn near and the grand finale of Christmas is upon us. May we welcome our families with cheer and extend grace to one another as we eat many meals together over the next few days. There is a great likelihood that we will receive an odd present or two, but might we let go of our expectations for one day and accept it with grace? Can we slow down with the kitchen preparations and the unwrapping of gifts and savor the season for just a bit longer?



Because soon the tree will come down, the ornaments packed back in the box. Our brothers will hug us goodbye and all that will be left of desserts will be crumbs. The season will go as quickly as it came and we won't believe that another year is just around the corner, waiting for us to enter into its' presence. 

On this Monday, finish up what needs to be finished. Say enough is enough. Put the wrapping paper away and be proud of the gifts you are about to give. Sneak a bite of pound cake, it really is okay. Because tomorrow is Christmas Eve and it is time to enjoy this party that only comes once a year. 

Merry Christmas truth-seekers. May your days be jolly and bright. 

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen