Dear Amy Kate  

happy girl

As January comes and the time to celebrate your birthday nears, I am filled with such joy and pride to know that I get to be your mommy! You are truly a special gift from God that we patiently and sometimes not so patiently waited on for nearly 5 years. Your arrival changed your daddy and mine’s lives forever and we are forever grateful for that change! You made us parents – you helped us live into our purpose for life and I couldn’t have asked for a better baby girl to make that happen!

You are a joy and delight to be around. From the day you were born, your precious smile and spirit has stopped strangers in their tracks – people are drawn to you because you produce a blessing of joy for everyone you encounter. Your tender heart is so full of love and care for those around you. You are my #1 helper always wanting to serve us whether in real time or just in play. Your heart for God at this tender young age is enough to encourage any person to follow after our Savior!


I love to watch you sing and dance, always entertaining those around you. I love to see you teach and guide your little brother on the ways of life. I love to spend mommy-daughter dates with you. You make the best shopping buddy, the most helpful cleaning partner, and the greatest bedtime snuggling buddy there is to have.

ak and L

I pray for you daily, even when you don’t hear me – I am praying for you. My prayer for you is that you will always be a leader, but not just any leader – the leader of the good kids; the one that leads people in the right direction, to make the right decisions, to be obedient and respectful in all areas of life. I pray that the Lord shapes your will to match His and that you will be a part of a Jesus movement like the world has never seen. I pray that the Lord protect your innocence and purity all the days of your life. I pray that wherever the young boy is that wdad and akill grow up to be your husband that he is safe and remains pure just like you. I pray this young man will find salvation and relationship with the Lord from a young age and that this relationship with God will guide him to you in God’s perfect timing for your life. I pray daily that you would be protected body, mind,soul and spirit. I pray that you will always know how special you are to me and your daddy, and Lucas too!

You are a tiny tot with a BIG personality and I am so privileged to be able to parent you through your adolescence. One day you will make a marvelous mother as you have children of your own, a desire you have already expressed at such a young age. Delight yourself in the Lord, little one, and he will bless you with the desires of your heart. While I do not want to rush it, I cannot wait to see and know the young lady you will one day be. You are a fabulous daughter, a fantastic sister, and good friend and you are only 4 years old!

My wisest words I give to you now…

ak and mom

If someone is mean to you – love them back, no matter what. Eventually your kindness will win them over.  If someone teases you for how you look, remember that you are a beautiful daughter of THE King, fearfully and wonderfully made. When you feel like you don’t measure up, remember that you are loved beyond measure. When you are fearful, call upon the Lord he will rescue you and bring peace to your mind. Listen carefully for the Lord’s voice, because he is speaking. And always choose to be sweet, kind, gentle, loving, obedient, and respectful – this will get you far in life.


akI hope you have the happiest birthday as you turn 4 this month! I cannot wait to celebrate so many many many more birthdays with you! It’s been my pleasure to care for you through the infant and toddler years and now I look forward to guiding you through your child-hood years as you learn to become your own person. I can’t wait to see who you become as your grow into who God designed you to be!


Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!!

Momma Loves You So Very Much!!