This Saturday is our Royalty conference at Covenant. May I repeat, this Saturday? I've been praying, planning, and preparing for this Saturday almost as long as I've been pregnant.

And now it's almost here.

Which means I'm a little bit stressed, a lot excited, and might be eating more chocolate than I should be (I am pregnant, right?). It also means that all week I'll be featuring posts by our guest speakers and other fun royalty-esque stuff (hint: Kate Middleton fashion anyone?).

With the Royalty conference, I'm playing two roles: staff and speaker.

With my role as Women's Ministry Coordinator at Covenant, I've been working with a small team of ladies to make this event happen.  We've spent countless hours focusing on logistics, hospitality, decorations, and food.  We've prayed together, laughed together, and surprisingly haven't cried together (yet!). We are in this together; because we believe that the women that God wants to show up for this event will be royally blessed by his presence. 


I'm also speaking at one of the morning breakout sessions. It's funny; usually I need the message more than I think the ladies attending my session need it.  For this conference, my session is for students and singles and is about "Finding Your Prince of Peace." While the talk focuses on Jesus being enough for those seeking a relationship, it is just as much about Jesus being enough for me. I am trying to keep Jesus as my Prince of Peace during this month of planning for the conference, our new house, and our baby that is due in less than seven weeks (seven weeks!!!!).  Do you see why I might not be in such a peaceful state of mind? Yet, I have to trust that Jesus is enough.

(By the way, on a total side note but kind of related: you know how I love to celebrate Valentine's Day on the blog? Well, I'm wanting to give away another freebie this February 14th. More details coming soon but go ahead and sign up for illuminate's newsletter to be the first to know!)

Friends, I believe that God wants us to redeem our born-again birthright as his daughters. I believe that we are worthy to him and that our worth can be found in him alone. I believe that we all need a day to come and be empowered and equipped to live out our royal destinies.  

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If you live in Dothan or within driving distance; please come. You can sign up here. The cost is $20 and it includes lunch.  If cost is an issue for you, let me know because I don't want that to stop you from spending a day soaking in God's love. You can also find out more info on our Facebook page.  Rochelle and Deuteronomy 6 Woman and Covenant's Women's Ministry have been praying for the women that will be attending this event; that they will leave this day knowing that they can make it through the messiness of their lives.  We pray that you will come and be blessed.

The thing with event week is this: yeah, it's crazy busy but it's also crazy neat to see God's plans unfold. The focus of event week has to be on God and what he wants to accomplish through the event or else it's just a crazy week of work that doesn't result in much.

May this week be filled with God's abounding love, mercy, and grace. 

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen