facebook coverI am super excited to share today about Covenant's Women's Conference on February 1st. The conference is about "Living Your Royal Destiny" and our guest speaker is Mississippi-based author and speaker, Rochelle Frazier. Rochelle will also be bringing her The Deuteronomy 6 Woman team to lead the breakout sessions throughout the day. For registration and more details head on over to www.covenantdothan.org. Join me today in welcoming Rochelle Frazier!


Rochelle 40Hello Sweet Friends,

I am overwhelmed with such joy and anticipation for what February 1st brings to Dothan, Alabama. I can’t wait for you to meet the amazing women that God has planted in my life that share this infectious passion for raising up a new generation of women that live their royal destiny. Every one has a story that can speak hope and victory and promise into your life, and not one woman should leave feeling they walk anything alone, because surely one of us has worn very similar shoes.

And the truth is that it helps to know that someone has been where we are on our journey, and to see redemption reign in their lives, right? When you can see that someone shares your broken heart and not only survived but thrived, doesn’t it birth hope to a weary soul? Healing comes when women can take off their masks and reveal hearts that have walked with victory through health crises or divorce or addiction or raising a child with autism or teens or loneliness, rather than hiding behind them portraying perfection. Women desperately need to see more victory in their lives today, and I certainly can’t wait to update you on what He has done in mine over the past few months. He is a God of love and always on time!

I can promise you that this day will be one that will forever change you. There is nothing more dangerous to the enemy of our hearts than women who know who they are in Christ and live that destiny. You are the daughter of a King. Yet far too many of us are bound tight to a “not enough” or “not worthy” or surely “not me” mentality. How could he use me? Let’s admit that he has done well at battling in our minds.

Sweet friends, you are called for such a time as this, to come just as you are and step into a royal destiny. It will be a day to rewire all that has been spoken over your life, and receive the truth of who you are in Him. Redeemed. Chosen. Beautiful. A Pearl. Beloved. Bride. Too many of us have circled the same mountains year after year praying and hoping the next will be different. He is doing a new thing, and I believe that this is the year God will bring you out of your wilderness and into your promise land. Don’t miss what He has just for you sweet friend. Royalty is not a privilege, but a born again birthright and not just for some, but for all who dare to live it!

Blessings to all, Ro