To most people today is just another ordinary Monday. Most people will get up, get dressed, and head out the door for work. But for Auburn fans, today is not just another ordinary Monday.

Today is game day.

Ever since we won the SEC Championship game, my Facebook feed has been filled with friends getting tickets for the National Championship game in Pasadena. I've seen more people check in at LAX than ever before and have heard stories of flights being cancelled and groups of fans literally driving a Gus Bus across the nation to the game. We are excited, ready. You know why? Because we are all still surprised to be playing in this game today.


To be fair, most fans would have agreed back at the beginning of this year that our rival Alabama would be in Pasadena. Not us. Alabama is an amazing football team and had earned that #1 spot. They are a tough team to beat and they undoubtedly have a process that they follow.

But against all odds Auburn beat the number one team in the nation. The Iron Bowl of 2013 will forever be known as the game of the century, where destiny overruled dynasty. 


If you read this blog, you know I'm an Auburn fan. I'm not trying to be obnoxious or taunt my Alabama friends with this post. Please don't hate me for being proud of my team today. Whether we win or lose the game tonight, what really matters most is that this season for Auburn fans has been all about redemption. 

Last year was a sad year for Auburn fans as we watched our team go from the top to the bottom. We lost more games than I'd like to count and our team seemed to lack hope, inspiration, and determination. It's easy to place blame on coaches, players, and even fans. It's easy to give up the fight and stay in the losing pit. 

But we didn't.

The Auburn family believed in Auburn. On A-day, we filled the stadium to the rim, letting our players and our coaches and the nation know that we believe in Auburn and love it. Winners or losers, we are a family and being a family is about helping each other get out of the pit and stand tall in courage, hope, and humility.

IMG_6368Watching Auburn win the National Championship in 2011

No matter what happens tonight, Auburn's football season has taught people around the world what redemption is truly about. Redemption is about restoring honor, worth, reputation.  To be redeemed begins with believing that you can start over.

I'd like to make a challenge to anyone reading this post today; Auburn fan or not. Might we apply this act of being redeemed not only to our football teams, but to the choices we make with our lives?  Today, on this not-so-ordinary Monday, could you and I choose to let go of whatever is weighing us down and rescue ourselves from living in the muck and mire? Can we choose to believe that redemption is about doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with our God? (Micah 6:8)

Let go of the past and redeem your life today.

War Eagle and till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen