measuretapesxFor the last 6-9 months I have been on a journey of getting fit and trim. The idea of healthy living is such a great one, but man can it be a tough reality. With everything available instant and at your fingertips, it makes it hard to want to take the time to prepare for healthy living. Our culture has taught us that we shouldn’t have to wait on anything, so when you go on a journey to become fit and trim you expect instant results. We want to lose 10lbs in 10 days and we want to fit in a size smaller the day we decide we want to be fit and trim. We don’t like working and waiting for results. We want everything instantaneously. We even pray to God expecting answers, healing, and next step directions right away. Since about November of 2013, our family has been on a fit and trim journey of a different sort. While I have been working on my physical body, and internal health – we have also been on a financial diet. We had a short term financial mini-crisis right around the holidays and it sent us into a tailspin. We were not prepared for a mini-crisis, let alone (God forbid) a massive crisis. So we decided to get fit and trim financially. We went back to our friend Dave Ramsey and restudied some of his suggestions for living. We started intentionally budgeting and put ourselves back in charge of our money, we eventually signed up to retake the 9 week Financial Peace University class. During those 9 weeks God worked in us in some pretty astounding ways. We were able to save a significant amount, and pay down a significant amount of debt in a short amount of time. We realized that if we had been living fit and trim to begin with that we would have never felt the need to call our situation a mini-crisis at all! During this journey we have decided that fit and trim is our new way of life. We are on a journey to living below our means for the rest of our lives.

Coin Dropping Into Piggy Bank

We want our children to grasp this concept and learn from our mistakes so they don’t have to make the same ones. In this process we have decided to sell our home and scale back. This decision has put an amazing spark back into our relationship. We have found ourselves dreaming together again. After 10 years of being a couple, sometimes the mundane of the everyday can squash your dreams, especially if the mundane has become financially draining! We are dreaming of a smaller home, and living a smaller lifestyle! I find this amazing, because the great American dream teaches you to strive for bigger, better, now – but with God’s dream we are dreaming smaller, less, now! We are so excited for this journey we are on! We cannot wait to see all the amazing things that will come from this fit and trim life. We are looking forward to now being completely debt free (except our home) in the next 2 ½  years and being able to build a legacy for our children and God’s ministry here on earth!

Today we are winning the fit and trim battle of our money and lifestyle. I still find myself struggling with my physical journey to be a fit and trim mom, but I feel good about my decisions I’ve made for my health (even if you can’t see the results from the outside). But I wonder sometimes if we are challenged enough to make these healthy decisions for ourselves? I have found that when I make a concentrated effort to be fit and trim physically and now financially, it almost automatically drives me to be fit and trim spiritually as well. I think this is because without Christ’s daily direction, we cannot and will not succeed in these other areas, no matter how hard we try.

So, today I want to encourage you to join us on our journey of becoming fit and trim. If you’re like me, daily discipline is a challenge. It’s just hard to get it all right all the time – this is why I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit and his daily guidance. Let me challenge you to find at least one area you can work on becoming more fit and trim in. If I can pray with you along your journey let me know! Will you pray for us as we continue on our path to being fit and trim?

Until Next Time, Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!