IMG_3169 Did you know that Jesus loved the water?


Think about it: he walked on water, he calmed the water, he baptized in the water, he often preached by the water. Jesus gave new life to the Samaritan woman at the well, he made the crippled man walk by the pool, and he asked Peter three times if he loved him on the beach after his resurrection.

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Jesus came to the water. Maybe that's why I like coming to the water too. 


For weeks now, my heart has longed to beat a slower pace as I sit in the sand with the waves crashing the shore just below my feet. I find rest here. It's like the wind and salt water clear my mind and I'm able to see life more clearly.


I see the Artist painting the sunset.

2014-05-25 19.58.22

I watch children teeter around the shore, their smiles and laughter contagious. 






There's a baby in our family now, and the sounds of the ocean lull him into the most peaceful of sleeps. 




Being here, in this sacred spot on Earth, I feel Jesus renewing the hearts and minds of many. He might not be physically here, feeding fish to five thousand of us, but he is here.


He's in the ocean, the wind, the sand - his place of beauty speaks for him. When I'm here, his command to take up my cross and follow him is simple to obey.


Sometimes when I'm caught up in my own goals and the business of life, my love for Jesus is distracted. I'm like Martha, focused on too many things. He's brought that to my attention lately. Being at the beach is a reminder to me that his love is uncomplicated and the distractions are just that: things that take me away from his peace, love, and devotion.


I hope you all can find time to come to the water this summer. Your soul needs you to let go of everything that seems so important and urgent and just sit in the presence of your Almighty Savior. This freedom, this independence from living urgently can only be found when we release our grip on life and begin (again and again) to follow Jesus.


Happy Fourth of July weekend, truth-seekers. 

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen