day 15 It was morning but the cotton field was lost in the collection of water droplets that suspended the ground. The temperature outside was cool, not cold, and the new day fog was the blanket covering all of the ground.

Walking the perimeter of the house seemed different today. I was different too. As I was walking, my thoughts were as foggy as the world around me. Here I was, praying for direction, and my feet that were clothed in pink rain boots could barely see the path in front of me to walk on. 

When we can't see where our prayers are going to lead us, praying is hard. Sometimes it seems like our prayers are not heard and will never be answered. We wonder what we are doing and who, really, are we talking to? We can't see what lies next on the path of our futures but we want answers. Now.

As I was turning the corner from the back field, I paused by my neighbor's brick fence. I still couldn't see the cotton to my back or the road to my front but I could see the first signs of life on the pear tree right next to me. Bright green leaves with a necklace of dew were vibrant against my gray surroundings. The plum tree was a gentle reminder of what it means to live for today.



My biggest challenge in praying is to give up control over the outcome of my life. I am a dreamer, goal-setter, planner. In the pursuit of living a life on purpose, I've been too focused on trying to see my future to enjoy the goodness of what is right before me. I'm learning how to be thankful for today and to appreciate what I can see instead of yearning to get to what's next for my life.

While God urges us to pray for things specifically, he also wants us to pray with praise for what we have already been given. So often, my prayers are about what I want but I need to work on thanking him for what I have. Thankfulness allows us to appreciate the beauty of life.

When my prayer life seems foggy, I'm praying for God's favor -  for him to reveal his plans for me one step at a time. His word is a light for my path and I trust that he will shed just enough light for me to see the direction I need to walk in. Faith is my sight.

As we are praying hard this week, let's pause and see how God is already growing new life within us. May we continue to give thanks for what we've been given today.  Because soon, the fog will rise and the road before us clear.

Today, I'm thanking God for my people. What are you thankful for today?


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