day 11 My friend Erika Dawson has a new e-book out called Pray Truth: Praying God's Word for Your Husband. In it she says, "Wives, we need to stop fighting with our husbands and start fighting for them." I love this.  Just last night, my preacher said that God gave man a wife so we could be his helper. He went on to say that the true definition of helper is "strong warrior." That is what marriage is - when one of us is weak, the other is supposed to help make us strong.

pray truth

You can read more about Erika's book here.  She also has a five minute a day prayer challenge that is really cool that you can read about here.

When you look at all of your prayer circles that you drew during Week One of our prayer challenge (to receive a copy of the circles please subscribe to the newsletter) I think it is important for us to rank our circles in order of priority.

I know that my priorities should be God first, Raleigh second, and kids third but do I honestly live that out every day? Some seasons work or kids comes before my husband. But, if I've learned anything since being married is that if I put God first and then make every effort to put Raleigh second, my strong marriage will help me be strong as a mom, employee and friend. He makes me want to do better and I want to do the same for him. As I said in Day One, I want to love my people and Raleigh is first on my list.

Check out Erika's book if you are looking for some prayer inspiration for your husband.


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