day 5

I'm delighted to be sharing today with my friends over at New Start '15, a community that believes that God is full of second-chances, clean slates, and do-overs. 

There have been times when I've begged God to stop.

When I can't take what is going on in my life anymore, I hunch over in a dark corner of my closet, next to my shoes and the sweater that has fallen off its hanger on the floor. I sit there, sometimes quietly, but mostly crying ragged breaths of helplessness.

God, stop this pain.

Please God, if this is not for you, make it stop.

Lord, stop bad things from happening to us. 

This world, it's overwhelming. I need help to make it here on earth because I feel helpless when bad things happen. When I don't know what to do, I cry out one word in prayer - help.

God, help me get out of the darkness and into your light.  

God is not always going to stop bad things from happening to us but he will always help us with our pain.


As I mentioned on Day 1, my family likes to spend New Year's at the beach. For us, there is something in the water that calls our name to come, sit, and be still. The ocean floor, much like life, is always moving and changing. But, when I'm there, communing with Jesus, I have what Kathy Howard calls, "unshakable faith."


My faith in myself is very shakeable. But, when I rest in knowing what God has already done in my life, I find it easier to believe in his promise that he is always with me.

How can I not believe that God will help when he brought our girls home from the NICU after 83 days?

If my heart for ministry is not for God, then why have over 900 women already bought tickets to our women's conference in February?

Or, how do we always receive a financial blessing just when we need it the most?

God is with me. He is with you.

First Peter 2:9 says, we are "God's very own." When you accept this into your heart, this is when you come out of the closet and into the light.

As people that dwell here, we all have painful circumstances that we must endure. But the thing that makes God's very own people uniquely different from the rest of the world is how we ask him for help instead of trying to help ourselves. May our heart's cry for help stir other hearts to cry out to Him too.

When I come out of the darkness of my closet, I step into marvelous light. I feel free. Weightless. Full. I can breathe deep. I laugh more and worry less.


This is how we were made to dwell during our short tenure here on earth. Might we remember this next time we need help?

Question: What do you need God to help you with today?

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