jennifer It's over.

This time last year, I said yes to God when I committed myself to planning Fresh Grounded Faith Dothan. It was a risky yes.

I needed people. Lots and lots of people.


I needed time.

I needed our community to say yes too.

volunteers 2

This yes seemed really really big and I felt really, really small. But, I believed that God was bigger than me and I believed that he wanted to start something fresh in the hearts of women in my community.

Last weekend, God blessed that yes. He was abundant in his goodness and we received it like wet sponges in a bucket of water. A little over 1,000 women packed into the sanctuary of Covenant United Methodist Church for a weekend of fresh, grounded faith.



We had over 150 volunteers that said yes to serving. Four women said yes to Christ for the very first time and 80 women committed to starting fresh as believers. Women of the Wiregrass said yes to God in a very big way.

And now it's over. But really, we've just begun.


I believe that this conference was the start of something new here in my community. We are hungry to receive and we belong as sisters in Christ together. Women were not separated by their denominations, instead we embraced one another in love. Hundreds of women wrote how they want to be connected in community beyond a weekend experience.

So what now? How are we going to continue to say yes to God?

I think the answer is simple. We start by saying yes to what he has in store for us today. We say yes to loving our families, our co-workers, our enemies. We take that desire inside our hearts and write it on paper, believing that God can make what we long for into reality. We worship him daily, continually, passionately. We don't look at what others have but we thank him for what we have been given.

When God put the word community on my heart three years ago, I had no idea what would come of it. But now I know that community is about loving God and loving others as a whole. It's about getting to know people outside of our normal circles and trusting people to pull through. Being in community is about showing kindness, warmth, and helping others. Community makes even the loneliest feel like they belong.


To the women that attended Fresh Grounded Faith: I'd like to give you all a warm hug of thanks. My heart was humble and full to see all of you worship our God together this weekend. And to the many volunteers, thank you for being my cheerleader, my friend, my prayer warriors and my hope that anything is possible for those that believe. And to my family, those that saw all the highs and lows of my timid yes....I love each of you so very much. I always say that I could not be in ministry if it wasn't for y'all. This is so very true.

stormie and meredith

Even though Fresh Grounded Faith is over, I believe that greater things are yet to be done here in the Wiregrass. If you believe this too, let's pray about what's next for our community.

Thank you again sweet sisters. I am simply amazed by the body of Christ.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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