One thing that I love about writer's conferences is you meet other writers. Seems obvious, right? But, it surprises me every time. This past year at Allume, I sat at the same dinner table as Melanie Dale and instantly fell in love with her wit and humor. Melanie blogs at and is the author of Women Are Scary: The Totally Awkward Adventure of Finding Mom Friends. To get a taste of Melanie, check out this video about the book:

 Melanie describes herself as a geek on a God-ride, a minivan mama and total weirdo that stinks at small talk. She says in her book that finding mom friends is a lot like dating and I love how she has coined this awkwardness as "momlationships."



Just like there are bases in dating, she says that there are bases we have to run to when we are trying to become friends with other women. We start at First Base, the place where we "date" and make small talk, trying to figure out if we want to go to second base with our friend. If we make it there, you will learn how to "Wield your wildnerness like a boss" and once we do that, we are running towards third, the place where is gets real (and also the place where we have to navigate your child's social awkwardness). She says that if we can do this, we make it to fourth base, the base that declares us as the ultimate friends. Melanie also gives advice on how to navigate a momlationship break-up and praying for a bromance to happen with your husband and hers.

This book is full of fun and humor! But, also real advice. While reading this book, I get these two completely different quotes on the same page, "My dream last night was Jane Austen meets Inception. People in knee pants were worrying about a helix and fiddling with gadgets. My brain is weird" and then "Life is more comfortable when we're ourselves, and the more you just be you, the more you'll attract two types of people, people like you and people who like you." I just love her wit and I think you will too.

So, if you've just moved or are starting over in the momlationship department, I'd highly recommend you pick this book to read. Even if you have a good set of friends but are wanting to get to know the other moms in your kids class or baseball team or the mom who sits in the bleachers at gymnastics and you just smile at one another as you sit in silence the whole time....this book could be good for those kind of momlationships too.

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