Are you throwing a Halloween party in a few weeks? If so, we've got your party covered with ten easy ideas to make your party spook-tacular and fun!

1. Festive Party Invitations 

Halloween party invitations don't have to be super scary but can be super fun! One of my friends asked me to make a Halloween invitation for her daughter's 7th birthday party and I loved how it turned out! Embrace the festive flair of Halloween with your invitations and be sure to tell your guests to come in costume! 

2. Pumpkin Painting Party

My girls LOVE to paint pumpkins! If you are hosting a pumpkin painting party, ask all the kids to bring their own pumpkin and supply a bowl of tiny pumpkins in the middle for anyone who forgets or just wants to paint an extra! Cover your tables in a plastic black tablecloth and place one of our black and white chevron place mats at each chair to let kids know where to paint.  Be sure to give each kid an old t-shirt to throw on over their clothes. Go to Michael's and pick up a pack of sponges and acrylic paint, and head to the glitter and sticker aisle to rack up on all things that make pumpkins bling! Embrace the mess and the creativity!!! 

3. Chili Cook-off

Last year our friends Megan and Payne hosted a chili cook-off at their house around Halloween. Every couple brought their own chili recipes and Megan supplied cornbread, drinks, caramel apples, and appetizers. They had some neutral neighbors and family members serve as judges and then had them announce the winner, runner-up, and third place winners. It was so much fun to taste the different types of chili and to hang outdoors on a beautiful fall evening!

4. Frankenstein Cake

What's a party without cake? At Millie's birthday, she celebrated turning seven with a Frankenstein cake. Make your own using this recipe from Betty Crocker or call your local bakery and pick it up just before the party. 

5. Spooky (but fun!) party decorations

Hobby Lobby has tons of fun party decorations for Halloween. Rack up on your orange and black decor at this one-stop shop and use a 40% off coupon at check-out!

6. Candy Apple Bar

Candy apple bars are fun for adults and kids! Buy red and green apples from the store and put a Popsicle stick in the bottom (or buy sliced apples and put them on skewers!). Purchase pre-made caramel at the grocery store and keep it warm in your crock pot. Add bowls of m&m's, peanuts, marshmallows, sprinkles, and other fun candies to stick to the caramel. YUM!!!

7. Mummy Wrap Game

Toilet paper. Check. 

Kids. Check.

Have the kids at your party form teams and see who can wrap their mummy the fastest! (Warning: giggles may occur!!!)

8. Witches Brew

Mix up some lime gelatin with pineapple juice and Sprite and serve it in a cauldron with a ladle. To give it extra effect, put some dry ice at the bottom of the cauldron and place a punch bowl on top. 

9. Hay Bale Trailer Rides

One of my favorite things to do is go trick-or-treating in a neighborhood on a trailer stacked with hay bales. We did this all the time growing up and it's a great way to cover more distance on Halloween night! Pack the kids some juice boxes in a cooler and throw some quilts on top and you've got a moving party!!!

10. Costume Party

Last but not least, what's a Halloween party without costumes? Make the adults dress up and give a prize for most creative!! Some top costumes for this year for adults are Ghostbusters and Eleven from Stranger Things (all you need is a bike, blonde wig, yellow dress, and frozen waffles!). My favorite kid costumes are always the classics - Dorothy, Tinkerbell, Superman, and Star Wars! Have fun and be a kid!!! 

What about you? Do you have any ideas for throwing a Halloween party? Share with us in the comments section below!! 

Celebrating you,