So, I usually fall into the camp of no Christmas decorating before Thanksgiving, but this year I'm so ready for Christmas!!!

I'm looking forward to Christmas this year for many reasons - the food, the parties, Christmas morning with our kids - but I think the reason I'm most ready for Christmas this year are the smells. Because Alabama has been in a drought for several months, I'm so ready for the weather to cool down so we can drink hot apple cider, eat butternut squash soup, and catch a whiff of fresh evergreen every time I walk by our Christmas tree. The smells invite me to sit, be still, and soak in the magic of the holidays more than anything else.
I just wanted to send you a quick reminder friend that today is the last day to order your Mrs. Myer's holiday package. My favorite scent is the Peppermint dish and hand soap, but the Iowa Pine and Orange Clove come in a close second and third!  

If you are new to Grove Collaborative, I really think you will love it. Since I started ordering my cleaning products from Grove, I've saved money and feel better about the cleaning products I use with young children in the house. Because it is delivered monthly, I can order online and it ships straight to my house, saving me the last-minute shopping trips. Here's a quick peek at what their holiday offer looks like: 

Today's the last day to order Mrs. Meyer's Holiday Set. I hope you enjoy the smells of Christmas as much as I do!

Here's to the holidays,