As Christmas draws near, we are all busy shopping for the perfect gift for our loved ones. Today, I wanted to share two books that make great stocking stuffers for your mom, sister, friend, (or yourself!). 

The first book is a devotional by Jennifer Rothschild. It's called 66 Ways God Loves You and is all about experiencing God's love for you in every book of the Bible. I'm a big fan of Jennifer, having met her last year when Covenant hosted Fresh Grounded Faith. In the introduction, Jennifer shares about how she lost her eye sight at fifteen and now instead of reading the Bible, she listens to it on audio and through apps on her computer and phone. She writes, "No matter how I experience the Bible, it always has the same effect on me. One profound, unavoidable, irreducible, soul-quaking effect - I feel the love of God. 

She shares in this sweet devotional about how God tells you He loves you in sixty-six ways, in every book of the Bible. The devotionals each day are short stories from each of the books of the Bible and how God wrote those books for you. From Genesis to Revelation, He knows you and sees you and His love challenges and changes you. 

What I like about this devotional is how it is illustrated. Each page on the inside mimics the design on the outside and it is a perfect, quick read to help you start your day. 66 Ways God Loves You will inspire and remind you that God loves you!

You can read more about 66 Ways God Loves You here. 

In Listen, Love, Repeat, Karen Ehman writes about how to be other-centered in a self-centered world. She says, "Our culture is obsessed with self. In our schedules, our relationships, and especially online. But we are less content than in decades past. The reason? We have forgotten the joy that comes from putting others first.

I've had a chance to listen to Karen at writing conferences and I love how she isn't afraid to call us out on things like being self-centered but she does it with wit and humor. Also, Karen loves to cook so this book is filled with yummy recipes that are great for serving others. 

If you want to spread a little kindness this Christmas, Listen, Love, Repeat is a great book to give to others or read for yourself as a reminder of why we put the effort into sharing love. 

You can learn more about Listen, Love, Repeat here. 

What books are on your Christmas wish list this year? Comment below, I'd love to check them out! 

Celebrating you,