Last summer, Raleigh and I were walking along the beach shore discussing our life goals. The beach is where many of our heart-to-heart talks take place, and even though we'd had as many conversations similar to this as there were shells in the sand, this day was different. I was in a place where I knew certain things that I'd placed in the doubt/I don't have time for pile needed to  be dusted off and given new life. Raleigh knew this too. So, when he stopped walking and turned to face me, I believed him when he said, "We are going to do this."

Since that walk on the beach, I've spent months researching, dreaming, and rediscovering some of the things that make me feel, well, like myself. I began to make imperfect progress by spending weekends with a paintbrush, asking printers about types of paper, and finding an invaluable friend with a knack for design who has helped me translate my thoughts into a visually stunning website. 

Today, I'm thrilled to welcome y'all to Christen Price Studio. 

Here in the studio, I'd like to invite you to celebrate the life you've been given. Not the life you've always wanted or thought you'd have, but the life that I'm sure has been filled with both happy and hard moments. Let's celebrate our people, our place, and our purpose. Sound fun?

Let me show you around the new site but please sit, sip, and find something sweet to snack on. I want for you to make yourself at home, and believe that God has a plan for your life. 

There are many new features to the website but the common theme behind each tool and resource is to celebrate your people, place, and purpose. You can take a class on motherhood, find peace in your place of work by signing up for coaching calls, or live life on purpose by taking our 21-day prayer challenge

Because the past year has been one of discovery, I'm excited to begin a conversation through my new podcast, Creative Mess. Here is where I'll be sharing how to start creating that thing you've always wanted to do, even if you have children at home and even if you're scared out of your mind that you'll mess everything up. The first episode is about letting go of resentment while experiencing change (I told y'all it gets real up in here!).  On a lighter note, I've found a lot of joy from creating my first devotional this year, Practice Hospitality. You can shop the Studio and find lovely items for your next party, Bible study, or home. My collection of wood art that features churches, crosses and angels have just landed in the shop that is perfect Mother's Day gifts. 

If I've learned anything this year, it's this: I love my people. Yes, my family and my friends but YOU. You are "my people" and I love any chance I get to communicate with you both online and in person. There is something that just makes all of this real when I can look you in the eyes and hug your neck. That's why I'm so passionate about coming to speak at your event. Whether it's to talk ministry, motherhood, purpose, or hospitality, I would just really love to see you in person.

Thanks for everything y'all. Even though we've shared this space for six years, I still can't believe that this is all even possible. Thank you for saying yes and I hope you find inspiration and encouragement from the Studio.

Celebrating you,