Happy Fourth of July!

I hope you are enjoying this time celebrating with your family and friends today. The fourth is one of my favorite holidays and this year we are at the beach! Raleigh and I have been here on family vacation for a whole week and it's been so nice to have a mid-summer break. Of course, tonight we will break out the fireworks, but I wanted to share a real quick homemade s'mores recipe that has been one of our favorite Fourth of July snacks!

Also, have you need a pen to write Fourth of July messages, check out the Wine Glass Writer. Wine Glass Writer is a pen which writes on glass and other surfaces. Developed by California Mom and Daughter team, this product is the ultimate wine charm. A non-toxic ink, which does not affect the aroma of the wine, wipes off with soap and water. 

If you're not a wine drinker, these pens can be used on ceramics, tin foil and are a do-it-yourselfer's new best friend. Write messages on mirrors and even car windows!

Here's some inspiration on how they use this pen for celebrating:

When you take time to make someone feel special, just like we did for our guests at our Summer Celebration in the woods, it always makes the experience better. Nestled in the cedars on one hundred acres of land in rural Canada, we set up a harvest table for an extravagant afternoon of alfresco dining. Written in gold writing on each of our gold charger plates was the name of our beloved guests. Perched upon tree stumps as chairs, reaching across the table for fresh salads and picking off the chaceuterie boards, we heard the ultimate compliment, "it's about the little things...." 

The pen was literally our little thing, combined with all the big things which made this summer celebration absolutely perfect.

Photo credit: Tara Graham (table)

Photo credit: Grace Lovekin (place setting)

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Happy Fourth of July friends! Show us your summer celebrations today by using the #70daysofsummer hashtag!