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Today I am super excited to be guest posting over at Welcome Heart Ministries about how to cure the disease of loneliness. Sue Donaldson, who is the writer for Welcome Heart, has graciously agreed to giveaway one of her custom "Invited" necklaces to one lucky reader! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is comment on this post by midnight on Sunday, July 16th. Read more about Sue's love for hospitality in the post below. Enjoy!

While leafing through the ads, I came across one for Michael’s craft paradise that read:

"Every Frame Tells a Story."

I stopped, picked it up and thought, “Lord, You are a genius!” (Not news to Him.)

Frames tell a story, yes, but also every table tells a story. And they do, don’t they?

Perhaps you were raised with everyone talking at once around a noisy and mostly congenial dinner table.

Or the opposite: everyone sat down and dad pulled up the television on a rolling cart; no one said a word except for the news anchor or sports announcer. (Nowadays, we use our phones. We don't need a rolling cart.)

Both tell a story.

The one, a story of family and camaraderie and growing up, loving and shoving. The other, a story of family and silence, rejection or projection: I don’t need to hear what you have to say. You don’t want to know me so I guess I don’t want to know you.

Tables tell stories--good and bad--and no matter what story-table we come from, we have the second chance option: to choose (this very day) to use our tables for good.

To build God's good story into all who sit with us over grilled cheese and Campbell's soup

To bring our families into safe places of sharing and knowing

To invite a stranger in and listen to his story and share ours

To invite all to hear God telling His story through our stories, and how He wants those at our table to know how much He is dying to be known. (He did die to be known.)

I don’t always have a great table story. My kids can hurt each other (still.) I (still) say the wrong thing to a worn-out husband, all for self instead of love. But the second chance is there for the taking. Dinners and lunches and brunches have a way of coming ‘round again. Each meal we can start again to tell a good table story; to share our story, God’s story--passing along love and grace as easy as salt and pepper.

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What can you do this day (this very day) to tell that kind of table story?

Will you invite the Great Storyteller to come alongside? I'm sure He loves grilled cheese and Campbell's.

Christen understands the power of an invitation--for heaven's sake, that is. Welcome Heart is happy to do a giveaway this week: a custom necklace designed with your table in mind. Comment below to be entered.

We're invited to invite. That's the best story at any table.

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