I adore small groups. 

Love them. 

Some of my favorite moments of spiritual growth and friendship has been forged through the vulnerability, laughter, and authenticity that is found in Christ-centered discussion. I've discovered that through a small group dialogue, I'm able to see people for who they really are... not just the facade they showcase at church on Sunday mornings, through school car line, or brief encounters at the grocery store. I see God with skin on and I'm reminded just how much we are designed for #connectionnotperfection. 

Did you know that Invited is not only a book, but was also designed to be read in community?

Yep, it's true!

host an invited small group!.jpg

If you've had a chance to dig into the book, you will have noticed that a major theme is my quest for community when we moved back to our home town. I share about our first small group meeting at our rental house with shag carpet to my favorite event of the year - Galentine's Day - and the beautiful depth that has come out of the friendships that are nestled in small group community. 

I want you to experience this kind of community too.


It's real, raw, and will resonate deep in your soul. Small groups are worth the time, commitment, and practice of showing up even on the days you don't feel like it. That's why I've designed supplemental material and a video series that will help you ease into discussion with your people. While Invited is woven with stories of hospitality and celebrations there are also topics such as anxiety, perfection, and fear of missing out that cuts to the heart of many women. My prayer is that this book will be a great way for you to "invite" a friend to join you in small group so that you may come out of the eight weeks better knowing one another and who you are in Christ. 

If you'd like to lead an Invited small group here's what you'll need:

I've also got a FREE guide on how to lead a small group that you can download in the button below to help you get started. 

Invited Book

Invited can be found on Amazon or you can purchase a signed copy in my shop. I also have a bundle of seven signed copies inside my shop that is perfect for small groups (and saves your group members money!).

To read more about Invited or to share it with your small group, check out this page. 

Invited Supplemental Material

The book is designed with shorter chapters and the supplemental material has been created to give you time to pause, reflect, and journal how the themes relate to your personal life. It also gives you an opportunity to connect in community with other women to discuss and celebrate. It is divided into eight weeks that coordinate with the chapters of the book. Each week will include the following sections:

  • Key Verse

  • Devotional

  • Look at the Details

  • Let's Connect

  • Personal Application

  • Questions for Group Discussion

  • Wrap-Up

Each member of your group will need to download the Invited Supplemental Material on Amazon

Invited Video Study

Screenshot 2017-08-13 17.58.48.png

Designed to be used alongside the book and supplemental material, the video study is an eight week series where I share a Biblical perspective on the topics discussed by your group each week. Session includes:

1. Perfection

2. Hospitality

3. Connection

4. Anxiety

5. Imperfection

6. Community

7. Home

8. Celebration

The videos are between 5-10 minutes each and will help your group learn visually. The videos are a great resource to be used during your small group sessions before discussion. 

Only one video will be needed for your group time and can be purchased in the Studio store. I'm excited to share that a portion of the proceeds from the video study will benefit Footprints Ministry, an Alabama-based ministry for families that have premature children in the neonatal intensive care unit. 

If you'd like to lead a group but don't know where to begin, download my free "How to Start a Small Group" guide.


Inside the guide, I also have party ideas and recipes for each week of your Invited study that encourages your group to celebrate. You can also tag me on Instagram @chris10price with your group picture so I can share it and use the hashtag #connectionnotperfection as your group members go through the study. 

My prayer for your group is that you all will encounter the beauty of God, our heavenly host. We are all hostesses, created in God's image, to live a life of connection, not perfection. Let us gather and feast on the goodness of God's Word.

Celebrating you,


P.S.: If you decide to lead a group, be sure to use the hashtag #connectionnotperfection for any group pictures so I can share!!!