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It’s something that we all need. It is a gift to a weary soul. So why don’t we get enough of it?

Did you know that one in ten people struggle with insomnia? The CDC has declared the United States to be a “sleep deprived” nation and our lack of sleep is causing us to experience diseases like cardiovascular disease, depression, type 2 diabetes, and weight gain. If we know that we need sleep and the lack of it causes serious damage to our bodies, why do we struggle to find time to rest?


In today’s message, I will be sharing with you how we are a society that is consumed with busyness, which is leading us to experience burnout. Trust me when I say I know a thing of two about burnout - it’s been one of the most challenging obstacles that has prevented me from truly experiencing the love that God has for me. In a world full of rush, we must find time to rest in God. We will dig deeper into scripture and how Jesus taught us the importance of rest. When we rest in Him, we lead our families, colleagues, communities, and churches with love.

Also, at the end of today’s message, I share the introduction devotion and challenge from our new Undivided Prayer audiobook. Be sure to download your FREE goal planning worksheet here that you can use as you listen. Lent is just around the corner and we want to encourage you to draw closer to Jesus with our devotional, Undivided Prayer.

Undivided Prayer is a 21 Day Prayer Challenge that helps you focus more on God and less on you. Through Bible readings, a short devotional, and a daily challenge, you will learn how to have an undivided heart in a very divided world.

Undivided Prayer is offered as a digital download, audio book, and a spiral bound devotional book. We will share encouragement with you every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday online during Lent on Instagram and Facebook @undividedwomen.

Our study will begin on Friday, March 1st and end on Good Friday. Order your spiral bound devotional book by Monday, February 25th to ensure that it will arrive by Friday, March 1st. Hurry, we have a limited quantity!

“Prayer forces us to give our undivided attention to God. It creates a space for us to vent, cry, question, plead, and praise. Prayer isn’t magic, nor will God answer our every request but when we focus on God through prayer, everything that seemed so big and important is suddenly made small in comparison to his greatness, power, and love.”

- Undivided Prayer, Day One

Celebrating you,