Sitting in a cabin just outside Winter Park, Colorado, I couldn’t believe that I had arrived. I’d just flown halfway across the country for a weekend retreat with a group of women that I’d never met in person, and only vaguely knew from their online presence. Around twenty-five women booked airplane tickets for this weekend to spend time together as a group of moms so we could dream, plan, and pray for our futures and how the Lord would use us as a collective group.

Arriving with a few others, I noticed that I was one of the younger women in the group. Some of them had already developed friendships from years of working together in ministry, and I immediately felt fear swirl around inside my stomach as I introduced myself, found my room, and began to make small talk with the others. The first night that we gathered together, we made a spaghetti dinner, and all sat in a long row of farmhouse tables so we could get to know one another better. Sitting within talking distance, was Julie Sanders. With her dark hair, generous smile, and calming personality, she immediately made me feel comfortable and welcome.

Julie shared her background with me that evening, how she and her husband worked cross-culturally, and their children grew up both in the States and in Asia. During her years serving overseas and while she was home, Julie taught school and equipped mothers with resources on parenting. She showed these families the love of Jesus through language, science, and math. Julie was also a photographer and had a display of images that told what life was like for families in these underdeveloped countries. She did not boast about her life’s work but drew me in story by story.

At the time of our first meeting, my twin girls were two and Julie and her family lived in Tennessee. Even though I met many women that weekend, Julie was someone who I kept turning to in conversation. Maybe it was our shared interest in sweet tea and SEC sports, but I think she drew me in because of the way she spoke about life. She had two children that were nearing the end of high school, so I asked her lots of questions about motherhood, parenting, and raising children to love the Lord. Julie was patient with my questions and responded each time in a calm and caring manner. Julie gave me confidence that weekend as a young mother, and I believe that through this devotional, she will provide you with confidence as a mother too.

The ABCs of Praying for Students began through Julie’s love of teaching. What started as a simple bookmark tool for prayer, is now available as a twenty-six-day devotional that will guide your heart with prayers as your student matures in school each year.

Julie and I both believe that when a parent understands how to apply prayer to academic settings, we are empowered as mothers to do the work as our child’s divine advocate. We know that preparing your child to go back to school is busy—picking out school supplies, meeting their teachers, signing your children up for co-curricular activities—and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the things to do for your kids. Not to mention all the jitters that everyone has before school begins when it comes to what friends will be in their class, what activities they will get picked for, and how they will get along with their teachers!

Here’s a peek at what you will receive each day with The ABCs of Praying for your Student devotional:

  • Julie will guide you through praying for your student’s attitude, character, and knowledge with a key Bible verse

  • You will have the opportunity to read a short devotional that corresponds with each letter of the alphabet

  • At the end Julie offers you ways to dig deeper and to have conversations with your child through table talk.

The ABCs of Praying for Students is available for pre-order now and will release on July 16th. This is a great gift for teachers, church leaders, and yourself as your child begins a new school year! You can purchase your copies here. 

Allow Julie’s words to be a breath of peace to your parent soul this school year. Our prayer is for this devotional to not only provide you a way to pray for your student, but that you will also deepen your relationship with the Lord as your student begins a new school year. We hope that you enjoy this devotional, and it is something that you can turn to each year as your student grows.

Celebrating you,