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it only happens once a year! {giveaway day!!}

living well square Y'all, I can't believe that we are wrapping up our Living Well series. Have you enjoyed it?

I hope you have learned that living well is a lifestyle that begins with baby-step choices. For me, living well begins each and every day. I hope that over the last three weeks, you've gained some encouragement on how to take baby steps to bring wellness into your life through your mind, body, and soul. Remember that living well is not about comparison but it is a gradual effort to be wholly you.

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photo (5)


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Remember, sale ends in three days! Here's to Living Well, friends.




the purpose of life {living well}

The blaring of the alarm begged me to get out of bed. But, I didn't want to. The night before was still too fresh and I wanted nothing more than to stay under my covers and not start the day. I knew that once I was up, I had to face all of the day's challenges. Staying in bed seemed like the better choice for me to do. I hit snooze and try to drift back to sleep but my mind was already spinning, re-living the drama of the night before. The tantrum I threw at my husband when I didn't get what I wanted. The tears and sobs that soon followed. The feeling of being all alone, even though he was in the other room. All the stress that had been building inside of me had exploded and once again I was questioning what to do with my life.

Hadn't we been through this already? Like a million and one times? Me, wanting assurance and answers and him the punching bag? He's listened to the same questions over and over and over. But, with every fork in the road, I keep asking, doubtful and scared:

Am I living my life on purpose?

As my breathing slowly turned from shaky, short gasps into a steady rhythm, he asked me what exactly was my definition of purpose.

"Didn't he know this already?" I irritably thought to myself.

But, then I really thought about what he was asking. I knew in the deepest marrows of my bones that I wanted to follow God with my life and to get to heaven one day and hear him say, "Well done, good and faithful servant." However, this has caused the great question to continue to surface again and again and again, "What does God want me to do and am I doing it?"

While examining the root of my anxiety, I realized something that had been building in me over the past year:

What I do for God will always change but how I love is timeless.
what I do for God
what I do for God

My work, my lot in life will keep me busy each and every day but how I love will steady my soul.

I think back to the chapter I read earlier in the week from Ecclesiastes. The author is asking himself a similar question, I think, and his answer is, "Everything in life is meaningless."

"Oh, that's great", I thought to myself. But, after several verses of saying what is meaningless in life - fortune, wisdom, pleasures, work - he concludes with this statement,

"Nothing is better for a man under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad. Then joy will accompany him in his work all the days of the life God has given him under the sun" (Eccl. 8-15 NIV).

At first, I think he's just having a bad day and needs to find the Jimmy Buffet Pandora station so he can sing, "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere." But, the more times I read this book, the more I understand what he is truly saying:It's not what you do but it's how you live.

I think that living a life of purpose is not about accomplishing this One Important Thing but it's about loving God, loving myself, and loving others through the course of a lifetime.

When I was twenty-five, loving God was asking himself to use me one day when I was in the shower. At twenty-nine, loving myself was believing that my body could birth another baby. Just this past year, I chose to love others by dedicating countless hours to a women's conference at my church. And almost twelve years ago, my seventeen year old self who was just getting over her heart being broken said yes to a boy who seemed kind and strong at the very same time.

My purpose is not about my performance, my ambition, or finally getting to a place where I've accomplished this great achievement.

the purpose of life
the purpose of life

My purpose is about looking into his eyes through my tears and saying, "Yes, I will always love you."  It's getting out of bed and pouring another bowl of Lucky Charms for my girls and holding Ridley just a little bit longer than what is necessary. A life of purpose begins with a daily choice to love.

My alarm rings again. Even with my worry and my fears and my doubts, I get out of bed. I shuffle into the kitchen and turn the bright light on as I cook my eggs and pour myself a glass of orange juice. Then, for a moment, before the sun peeks around the neighbor's fence, I sit down to read the true meaning of life: love God, love others, love myself.

This my friends, is our purpose.

Till next time, let your light shine!

Blessings, christen

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how to find balance & peace at home {family fun friday}

My friend Monica over at Happy and Blessed Home asked me to join her as a co-host for Family Fun Friday to share six inspiring words of encouragement from other bloggers each week. This week's Family Fun Friday is about finding balance and peace at home.   Hope you enjoy! If you're a blogger, be sure to scroll down to the bottom to link up your favorite posts! I'd love to feature your words of encouragement next week!


Laura Sue Shaw shares this week on how to create a habit of contentment. One of her tips is to not compare yourself which is something I always struggle with. Check it out!

Deanna at From This Kitchen Table has twelve steps to enjoy parenting littles when the days are long (one of her steps involves chocoate!). Amen, sister!

Wynter at Made to Mother features a post by Corinne this week on striking a balance between technology and life. She shares some good tips on when to turn off the phone and things to do with the kids instead.

Lori Lane from The End in Mind shares strategies for creating family unity. She says that to build unity in your home, everyone must feel like they are being heard.

Have you ever wondered if you are a gracious wife? Michelle at The Gracious Wife shares what a gracious wife is and what she is not. It's a nice reminder for wives!

My sweet friend Kayse is speaking to my heart with her post, "For the Moms that Want to Finish Well." I love her honesty and also how she listened to the wisdom of another generation.


Family Fun Friday is all about connecting as a family. We feature great ideas for family fun, and things to help moms get things done so they have more time to spend doing what they love to do - be with family! If you like Family Fun Friday, help this blog party grow by giving it a +1 on Google+. Thanks so much!

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Have fun this Friday y'all!

Till next time, let your light shine! Blessings, christen