refresh your home with Mrs. Myers

As I've gotten get older (and busier), I’ve learned that spring cleaning doesn't have to to be a huge, time-consuming affair in order to be effective.

Even if you don’t have time for a deep clean, something as simple as throwing open the windows or wiping down the countertops with a spring-scented cleaner can breathe new life into a tired space.

To help you refresh your home, my friends at Grove Collaborative are offering a free spring cleaning set with your first order of $20:

  • Mrs. Meyer’s Spring hand soap

  • Mrs. Meyer’s Spring dish soap

  • Mrs. Meyer’s Spring multi-surface spray

  • Grove Collaborative bubble-up brush

  • Grove Collaborative walnut scrubber sponges

Existing customers will receive free Grove walnut scrubber sponges — they’re sustainably made and perfect for all your spring cleaning tasks!

After a dreary winter, I always look forward to the return of spring and Mrs. Meyer’s spring scents: Mint, Peony, and Lilac. Mint smells just like the real thing — sweet and cool. Peony and Lilac are subtle floral scents that remind me of a spring garden in bloom.

To me, a clean home begins with the products you use — so I’m always looking for ways to eliminate toxins in my cleaning routine. All of Mrs. Meyer’s products are made with plant-derived ingredients and essential oils, so I can feel good using them around my family.

In addition to Mrs. Meyer’s soaps and multi-surface spray, the spring cleaning set comes with a limited edition Grove Collaborative bubble-up brush with a beautiful wildflower print. Not only does it look beautiful sitting next to my sink, it also makes the task of doing dishes much more enjoyable!

Now that sunny days are in the forecast, I’m all for anything that helps me get things done faster and have more time to work in my garden or go for a walk.

That’s where Grove Collaborative comes in! Grove makes creating a healthy, beautiful home effortless and affordable. They hand-select the best natural products and deliver them (carbon offset) right to your doorstep, on your schedule. Grove has you covered for all your spring cleaning needs.

After your first order, Grove will recommend a personalized monthly shipment so you never run out of the products you love. You can add or remove products or change your shipment schedule with a few clicks.

When you sign up for Grove using my link, you’ll get the spring cleaning set for free with your first order of $20. Plus, if you spend at least $39, you’ll receive a beautiful stoneware tray for free! It’s the perfect size to hold your hand soap, dish soap, and bubble-up brush.

Once you’ve submitted your Grove order, you’ll be signed up for the free 60 day VIP trial.  I love being a VIP because I get perks like free shipping, free gifts, price matching, exclusive sales and personal service.

Mrs. Meyer’s seasonal scents always sell out fast, so don’t wait! Here’s how to get your free spring set:

  1. Sign up for Grove Collaborative here. You will receive the spring set for free when you sign up!

  2. To receive this offer, your order needs to be a minimum of $20. Choose the combination of products and scents you love and receive your first box within a few days.

  3. You made it! Click Finish & Pay and place your order.

Happy Spring, friend!

Celebrating you,




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