I want to live life well.

Don't you?

I want to make every day count and celebrate this life that I've been given.  Because Christ is in me, my worth is found in him. Life is full with my family and career but my goal is to make room for faith every day. Daily I mess up and I'm forever thankful for grace, love, and mercy. I'm not perfect but God is.  I trust in his plans for my life and try to use the gifts he's given me to the best of my ability. 

Here's a sample of how I've been made:


Truth Declarer

Because I want what I do to matter, my desire is to feel alive and full of joy and challenged and know God so deep and intimately that I have to share his goodness and love with others. I want to make a difference in the world and share the uncontainable truth of the gospel. This is what I believe we are all called to do but don't always know how to do it. Writing is my humble attempt for declaring God's truth. 

Community Creator

I'm the kind of girl who sleeps with a notebook and pen next to my bed just in case I have a crazy idea in the middle of the night. I find inspiration daily and deeply desire to not just dream but do. I cherish teamwork and truly believe that we are better together. I've served as the Women's Ministry Coordinator at my church so you'll find me asking if you are in a small group or have gone out to eat with friends or have invited that mommy from your child's preschool who seems so nice over for a play date. I'm also one of the core leaders for a community group for women in my community. Being in community is essential to communing with Jesus.

Party Planner

Does anyone else feel like parties have gotten way out of hand? I love Pinterest but it is time for women to get back to the basics of celebrating. In Real Simple's Celebrations, Kristin van Ogtrop says, "Is there any word that evokes more promise, more joy than celebrate? To truly celebrate something feels wholly good, and you usually do it with people you love." While celebrations require some degree of planning, the trick to getting back-to-basics is to plan without actually knowing you're doing it - planned spontaneity. I help women plan spontaneous celebrations with simple party printables and party kits. Parties are about connection, not perfection. 

Light Shiner

God’s word is illuminating and I like to share how it brightens, reveals, and is made clear here in this space for truth-seekers just like me. If you want to let your light shine and develop your spiritual life, I'd love to spend time with you either on one-on-one coaching calls, group conversations, or at my illuminate intensive workshop. 


Just to keep things light, here are some fun things about me:

  • I will watch any movie or show that features people singing. But I am a TERRIBLE singer. Like, awful. My favorite movie is My Best Friends' Wedding, mainly because I sound so much like Cameron Diaz's character in the karaoke scene. I can't sing but love jamming out in my swagger wagon with the girls to Roar and Shake It Off
  • My favorite color is the sea. I know that's not technically a color, but I love the depth and beauty of the mint and aqua colors that splash the shore. It makes me feel peaceful and we go to the beach any chance we get.
  • I love to collect miniature items. Seriously. If I see something cute and tiny, even if it is a pretty sample of soap at a hotel, I want it. If you ever want to send me a gift, give me something small and adorable. I will love you forever. 
  • I'm kind of obsessed with school and office supplies. Nothing is more fun for me than picking out planners, notebooks, pens, and pencils. I have a problem. 
  • I love to cook. It is something that brings me closer to my family. My grandfather used to always cook us a chocolate cake when we visited him in New Orleans and now my dad and I love to swap his recipes. It is also a sweet bond that I share with both mine and Raleigh's grandmothers. I just love preparing and sharing a meal with others. 

Thanks again for sharing life with me!

May we find simple moments to celebrate in the midst of living crazy-full lives.

Official Bio:

Christen Price is a creative mess.  As a writer, artist, and party planner, she invites you to shop her Studio and read words of encouragement at christenprice.com. Christen's heart is to lead women in celebrating their people, place, and purpose. She and her husband, Raleigh, are the parents of three and live in the countryside of lower Alabama. Her first book, Invited, will release in spring 2016. For life between the posts, connect with her on Facebook or on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter @chris10price.