I love my people.



Raleigh and I met in high school and have been married for almost nine years. He's my best friend and the keeper of the laundry. Raleigh is an architect and a lover of all things nerd. He's also the person who makes me laugh the hardest. I love him so much.

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Together, we are the proud parents of our twin girls Adeline and Maralee and our son, Ridley. Being a parent is such a sacrifice of self but these kiddos make parenthood so much fun (most of the time!). 


Adeline and Maralee

Having twins changes every single idea you will ever have about becoming a mother. It was such unexpected news but the best surprise God could have ever given us. These girls are beautiful and so full of joy. Being their mom is truly a gift. 

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This boy has stolen my heart. He's everything I've ever wanted in a son and I love how he has made the twins big sisters. Ridley loves to smile, explore, and eat chocolate. Whenever he's around, you can't help but smile too.

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Our house

We've recently moved into a house in the country and are learning how to be backyard farmers. It is so much fun watching our kids run wild in this big, open space. We love to pick blueberries, throw parties, and ride the four-wheeler in our back field. This house was Raleigh's grandparents house and we love the rich heritage that they have passed down to us. Before moving in, we renovated the inside to make it feel a little more like our own. 

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I sure am glad he gave me my people to love.