The heart of any message that I share is Jesus. I'm a storyteller and weave together a message that is both personal and reference-based. I'm a gift-giver and often provide take-home resources for the audience to use after the event. While each topic is different, a common theme that is found throughout my messages is God's word is a light for our paths. I encourage the audience to hold on to the simple moments and continue to see the sweetness that each day holds.


Our NICU Testimony

Our NICU Testimony button

I often share our NICU Testimony while speaking because it is a powerful example of following God in the midst of a painful experience. Here is a link to our NICU Testimony video and a list of blog posts about our stay in the NICU. 


Past Speaking Events

As a young mom, I've enjoyed speaking at events that have been close to home. It has been a joy to share God's word with women, students, and couples. In the past, I've partnered with organizations like MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), The M.O.M. Initiative, Jennifer Rothschild's Fresh Grounded Faith, and churches. 

Please go to our events page to see past speaking events.



Here are descriptions of talks that Christen can share with your group. 

  • Light - when we allow God's word to be the light for our path, our purpose in life is brightened and made clear

  • Hope - with every heartache, God gives us hope. 

  • Celebrate - the people, places, and God's plan for your life
  • Ministry - the art of being and making disciples, event-planning tips, and turning ideas into reality
  • Motherhood - finding calm in the midst of chaos