Throughout our lives, we set up tidy wish lists for ourselves. We plan out and dream up our futures and dreams with great detail. For our study, we’re going to call the individual items on these lists unopened packages. Let’s imagine together that we’ve wrapped up each of the items on our wish list. These lovely boxes will lay dormant until the precisely right moment, when it’s time open them up and live the life we’ve dreamt. We know what is inside each, but cannot open it until God allows.

But life. But life is hard, and our perfectly precious dreams don’t always come true like we’ve expected. Life’s unexpected can leave us confused, hurt, and often completely broken. Certain packages dutifully sit, waiting to be opened while they collect dust, becoming distractions and disappointments inhibiting the life we have been called to live out.

Four Old Testament women can relate. Join us as we peel back the layers of Sarah, Rahab, Naomi and Ruth; each with a very different story, but alike in that their lives did not align to what they probably had on their own wish list. Together we’ll uncover the truths of unopened packages, and find freedom in what God really wants us to do with them. Please join Undivided Women in a six-week study, Unopened, written by wiregrass local, Rachel Davidson.